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Machine Learning vs Deep Learning

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning Machine learning and deep learning are increasingly popular these days and both of these skills are under a broader term called Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine and deep learning skills are highly sought after in the tech...

15 local studygram accounts to follow for motivation

What are Studygrams? Why are they popular and how do they help students stay productive? Here are what local studygram accounts have to say!

Cheapest and best tablets in Singapore

8 best tablets for students to use in 2022

Want an affordable device perfect for your learning needs? Put away the laptop and meet these 8 best tablets for Students in 2022!

10 Japanese language schools

10 Japanese language schools that offer cheap courses

Want to watch anime without subtitles? or learn about the Japanese culture. Check out these affordable Japanese language Schools.

10 Pottery classes in Singapore

Feeling stressed? Unwind with these 10 pottery classes in Singapore!

If you’re ever feeling in need of a new method of stress relief, attending pottery classes in Singapore can do wonders for your mood.

Should I study Psychology in Singapore

Should I study Psychology in Singapore?

The field of Psychology is extremely interesting which explains why many choose to study psychology in Singapore but is it a viable option?

Drinking coffee bad for you?

Is drinking coffee for studying bad for you?

While we regard coffee as the best drink for focus and concentration, could drinking coffee for studying be bad for you in the long run

Degree in computer science

Should I get a degree in Computer Science? A CS student’s perspective

Computer Science is one of the most in-demand degrees right now, but what are some things you should know before taking up this course?

What to do after A levels?

Lost in transition: What to do after scoring badly in the A Levels

So you’ve gotten your results, they are not what you expected and you don’t know what to do next? Here’re some options available to you!

10 easy and interesting unrestricted electives to take in NTU

10 easy and interesting unrestricted electives to take in NTU It’s Star Wars season – NTU’s module-bidding battle! As a new semester begins, NTU students will begin to think about what unrestricted electives to take. Unrestricted electives are meant to ‘broaden your...




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How has the pandemic affected the environment?

How has the pandemic affected the environment?

In 2020, the world encountered a pandemic, Covid-19. The pandemic had stopped the momentum of several key trends. More specifically, combating climate change. As a result, news and social media outlets, government officials and people have shifted their attention away to focus on the pandemic. But while the pandemic was ravaging civilization, climate change did not stop. Here’s how the pandemic worsened climate change.

Polytechnic Tips: 20 Do’s & Don’ts in 2021

Polytechnic Tips: 20 Do’s & Don’ts in 2021

As first-year Polytechnic students, you’re about to be thrown into a world of confusion. With a fellow graduate’s hindsight and experience as your guide, read these 20 Do’s and Don’ts to unlock your fullest potential in 2021.