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Christian Ivan Cambel is a content writer with a passion for discussing topics about human connection and mental health, particularly in the wake of technology and media. He is also an author, having written for the anthology book “Up to No Good” published in 2020. Currently, he is double majoring in English and Education at the University of New South Wales

Apart from writing, he enjoys watching films and photography. He believes that no matter what the future holds, we have to live in the present and be happy to be alive.

Follow him on Instagram: @cambel_ian0507

Srinidhi is a first year communications student at the NTU Wee Kim Wee school.

She is also the co-founder of Take Two - a one stop platform dedicated to students retaking the A Levels. To learn more, you can check out Take Two’s Instagram or website.

Ong Chin Wen is a student at Nanyang Polytechnic, studying Mass Media Management. She believes that it is never too late or early to start working towards your goals.

Apart from being an avid reader, she also enjoys watching Korean dramas in her free time.

Follow her on Instagram: @c.wennnn

Angie Ng, current Year 3 student in NTU WKWSCI and NTU-USP scholar, believes studying is never just about getting good grades, but about being genuinely interested in what you learn.

She had previously interned at a public relations company and is constantly seeking new experiences to grow. She is also learning Korean and sometimes breaks out into Korean conversation spontaneously.

Mitali Singh is a student at SIM-University at Buffalo majoring in Communications with a minor in Marketing.

When she isn't debating whether to binge-watch TV shows on Netflix or Disney Plus. She spends her time pursuing her passions in writing, filmmaking, and graphic design.

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Tung Jing Qi is currently pursuing her degree in Public Safety and Security at SUSS. She believes that nothing worth having comes easy in life.

She previously studied Mass Communication at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Catch her on Instagram: @ayejing

Mona is doing a double major in Psychology and Marketing at SMU.

Trusting that ‘tomorrow’ holds possibilities and new opportunities, she aspires to influence through the content she puts out.

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Kacine Wee is a part-time debate coach with a shameless addiction to matcha and dark chocolate. She believes that everyone's existence is political and that we all play a part in bettering the world.

Occasionally, she writes think pieces on current affairs and sustainability. (But she would also love to write reviews on horror movies and theme parks.)

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