Top 6 flashcard apps for iPhone and iPad for 2022

Flashcard apps for iphone and ipad 2022

Aside from note-taking, flashcards are a tried and trusted method to study effectively.

But if you find lugging around stacks of physical flashcards troublesome, then flashcard apps might be your solution!

And if you’re an iPhone or iPad user who is looking for the most effective flashcard apps, then this article will keep you covered.

We’ve found six of the top flashcards applications for both the iPhone and iPad devices that’ll help you out with revision.

What are flashcard apps?

Flashcard applications are a great replacement for physical flashcards.

Easily access them on your iPhone or iPad app anytime anywhere to jot down definitions or review information.

Plus, saving on paper index cards at scale can massively benefit the environment.

Other benefits of using flashcard apps are that they utilise active recall and spaced repetition techniques to further optimise your study results.


Quizlet flashcard app for iphone's interface

Quizlet is often named as one of the best flashcard apps for its usability and features suitable for students and educators.

Through this flashcard app, you can create flashcard sets or find millions of existing sets created by other students.

The “Learn” feature helps familiarise yourself with the flashcards before you can move on to other modes like Write, Test or Match to revise them.

In Write mode, you write out the answers to your flashcards to learn the terms.

Test mode allows you to quiz yourself with flashcards and view your score based on your performance.

And for a fun way to learn flashcards, you can choose Match mode, in which you match the terms to their definitions.

Quizlet flashcard app for iPhone's Match mode

Quizlet also offers new functions like Quizlet Live, which teachers or professors can use in a classroom setting for flashcard quizzes.

You can also access expert-reviewed explanations of subjects if you have a premium subscription to aid your learning.

Cost: Free, USD $3.99/month for Quizlet Plus

Platforms: Chrome, iOS, Android

Suitable for: Students and educators looking for fun ways to learn and teach

AnkiApp Flashcards

Anki Flashcard app Chinese words
Anki App flashcard languages

Another highly rated flashcard application is AnkiApp.

AnkiApp distinguishes itself from other flashcard apps by incorporating advanced Artificial Intelligence.

This algorithm chooses the flashcards that you need to work on based on your progress for the most effective learning experience.

And if you want to share study resources with your friends, this flashcard app lets you do so if you create or invite others in study groups.

Other additional features include showing statistics on how often you review your flashcards to track your study progress easily!

Cost: Free

Platforms: Chrome, Mac, iOS, Android

Suitable for: Students looking for the most effective learning app


BrainScape Flashcard App word definition
BrainScape Flashcard app certified flashcards

Brainscape is a flashcard app for the iPhone and iPad that offers one of the widest selections of preset flashcards.

In addition, Brainscape is a unique flashcard app as it uses its own refined and spaced repetition system for optimised learning results.

And these flashcards are suitable for those taking entrance exams like the SAT or GCSE, professional certifications like the bar exam or MCAT and many more!

It is also easy to create flashcard decks on the applications, and you can share them with your classmates or students.

And there’s even a leaderboard feature where you can view the progress of others that are studying the same flashcard deck as you.

Cost: Free for the basic plan, USD $5.00/month for Brainscape Pro

Platforms: iOS, Android, Chrome

Suitable for: Students taking major exams and/or professional certifications

4. Flash Cards Flashcards Maker

FlashCards Flashcards Maker app
Sourced from App Store

Flash Cards Flashcard Maker is a flashcard app exclusively for the iPad and iPhone.

This flashcard app is one of the only apps to lets you sync and backup your flashcards on Apple iCloud, and share flashcards through AirDrop.

Use the app to make flashcard decks quickly with its user-friendly and simple app interface.

As the standard account of the application only lets you create five flashcard decks, you can choose to upgrade to a premium account for unlimited decks and other upcoming features.

Cost: Free for the basic plan, USD $5.99/month for Pro

Platforms: iOS

Suitable for: Students who are minimalist lovers

5. Memrise

Memrise flashcard app for iPhone showing different languages you can learn
Memrise flashcard app for iPhone interface
Memrise flashcard app for iPhone quiz mode

For those looking to learn a new language through flashcards, Memrise is here to help you!

This flashcard app is one of the best for learning languages, with a selection of 20 different language courses to choose from.

This flashcard app is interactive with video and audio recordings, providing a better learning experience.

On top of those functions, you can save unfamiliar flashcards encountered under difficult words, so that you can conveniently review them again later on.

And if you choose to purchase the premium subscription, you would have the added benefit of being able to download or access all flashcards offline.

Cost: Free for the basic plan, USD $8.99/month for Pro

Platforms: Chrome, iOS, Android

Suitable for: Language learners and educators

6. StudySmarter

Studysmarter interface
Sourced from StudySmarter

StudySmarter is an all-in-one study app with flashcard making tools.

You can access a library of flashcards already made by fellow students, create your own, as well as set goals for studying your flashcards.

This flashcard app has a special sketch feature to annotate flashcards, which would be helpful when drawing diagrams.

A unique part about this app is that apart from its flashcard features, it has tools to let you develop study plans and take quizzes.

You can opt for the Premium plan for ad-free offline usage.

Cost: Free for a basic account, USD $10.48/month for Premium

Platforms: iOS, Android

Suitable for: College/University students who prioritise convenience

Final Notes

All flashcard applications mentioned have different benefits to help you achieve your studying goals.

Apps like FlashCards Flashcard Maker might cater to those who like a fast and easy way to create or use simple flashcards. On the other hand, Quizlet would be great for those who would like to learn in fun ways e.g. flashcard matching games.

So it’s good to try out a couple of the flashcard apps on your iPad or iPhone, and see which flashcard app suits your learning style the best.

But If you’re looking for more applications to boost your learning, check out our articles on the best note-taking apps and student apps!

All the best for your studies! For more study-related content, you can follow us on Instagram, check out our LinkedIn, or subscribe to our Telegram Channel.