Top 15 self care Instagram accounts to follow

by | May 31, 2021

Mental health is undoubtedly important, but it has always been a sensitive topic that many avoid addressing these days.

Even though it’s constantly dismissed, it doesn’t change the fact that people still struggle with mental health.

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In this article, we introduce 15 self-care Instagram accounts to follow.

We made sure to gather self-care instagram accounts from all sorts of backgrounds ranging from Singaporean youth initiatives to Singaporean organisations to mega influencers.

1.) @Mentalhealthceo

mentalhealthceo tweet
how schools make mental illnesses worse


@mentalhealthceo is a mental health advocacy page with the goal of raising awareness about mental illnesses and the stigma that sufferers face in society.

Founded by Ron Yap, he provides bite-sized infographics and tweets that are informative but also hit hard. The content is designed to be relatable and easily shareable, telling the hard truths about living with mental illness.

It was created as a way for him to make a positive impact on society by destigmatizing mental illnesses, and also for him to share his own personal experiences of living with OCD and anxiety.

He hopes to use @mentalhealthceo to spread the message of empathy and kindness towards sufferers, and as he progresses on his journey to becoming a mental health professional, to use it as a platform to counsel others to reduce their pain.


2.) @sp.peersupporters

Toxic relationships and what to do about it
How can i detect if someone or I have depression


Singapore Polytechnic Peer Support (SPPS) started as an initiative by the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) school counsellors in 2017 to train as many students as possible to be peer supporters.

As more students undergo training, the support system expands. Through monthly meetings and Instagram content awareness, SPPS started its probation with the 1st Main Committee as an official club.

They hold monthly meetings ranging from lighter themes like mental health myth-busting, personality awareness test to heavier topics like suicide prevention and trauma.

They aim to engage students not only in an educational way but also on a deeper level to open up deeper conversations among peers regarding their emotional well-being.

Their long term vision is to bring empowerment to the SP community through:

  • Creating a safe space where everyone can share about their mental health struggles without judgement.
  • Building a peer-support system and advocating for mental wellness among students to look out for one another.
  • Spreading awareness on various mental health conditions
  • Promoting mental health awareness to reduce the social stigma on discussing mental health


3.) @mentalhealthcollectivesg

Signs someone is hiding their pain from you
Mental health volunteering resource


Mental health collective (MHC) is an initiative started by youths, that aims to collate existing mental health resources and seek out collaboration between existing mental health organisations.

MHC was started in 2018, largely due to the fact that they had identified quite a large gap in:

a. the awareness of mental health within their student body

b. the efforts rolled out by their schoolnas well as the general state of mental health of their friends in school

On IG, they do a video series called #cookieconversations that aims to shed light on the mental health groups and organisations in Singapore!

They also help these organisations create general info posts and publicise their volunteering opportunities and initiatives. Lastly, they post some mental wellness tips for followers to apply to their daily lives.

Their hope is that beyond an increase in mental health awareness, the existing groups that are tackling mental health in Singapore can come together to create something greater.

As such, this is one of the self care Instagram accounts we highly encourage you to check out!


4.) @remind_sg

Remind instagram post on bullying
Guide to suicide hotlines


Re:Mind is made up of a group of youths dedicated to reducing the stigma of mental health issues in Singapore, bringing awareness to it, promoting mental wellness, and educating individuals on how they can be better allies to people with mental health issues.

Re:Mind was created to achieve the mission of providing an avenue for people to communicate and understand one another better.

As such, their vision is to create a loving and inclusive society where mental health issues are acknowledged and accepted.

Their content is targeted at youths, with topics including emotional health, social well-being, psychological health, etc.

They customise their programmes to fit the needs and wants of the community that they are working with, allowing them to spread the importance of mental wellness to the masses.


5.) @smhff

SMHFF short film
My mental care


@smhff stands for Singapore mental health film festival. This festival provides a platform for people to learn more about mental health through films, panel discussions, and workshops.

They organise many events that advocate for mental health, which includes topics that range from dementia to suicide preventions.

You could even listen to podcasts where people share about rough experiences that they’ve been through in the account.


6.) @safespacesg

Self-care instagram safe space sg instagram post
5 unusual habits to make your happier


@safespacesg is a digital platform that provides a safe space to strengthen your mental resilience with professional therapists.

In this account, you can find several professionals, such as counsellors that you can reach out to for help.

Additionally, you can find several quotes, tips and facts to adopt healthy habits, as well as to deal with common challenges!


7.) @solace_art_therapy

What to look out for when choosing a therapist
Art therapy


@solace_art_therapy is an organisation that provides art psychotherapy for youths and adults.

In their Instagram account, you can find posts with tips on self-care habits and some that have art incorporated into them.

They inform others on how art could be a great way to a journey of self-recovery. If you know someone who is going through a hard time and appreciates art deeply, please recommend this to your friend!


8.) @samhsingapore

World schizophrenia day
Dialogue within a virtual space


@samhsingapore is also known as Singapore Association for Mental Health.

In the account, you will find self-love quotes, details of workshops and dialogues on mental health!

Furthermore, you will find posts that feature some amazing stories of people on how they overcame their mental illnesses.

If you are interested to learn more about mental health events locally, you should follow @samhsingapore.



Anxiety & Depression: Can counselling help?
Your grades don't define you is one of the more popular local self care instagram accounts compared to the rest. Its mascot is an elephant that symbolises the pain and struggles of victims of mental health.

You can find several encouraging and motivational quotes in the account. Facts about mental illnesses and counselling services could also be found in their feed!

Additionally, they organise events, such as interactive webinars and workshops, which are completely free!


10.) @Doyoumindsg

Do you mind sg instagram self care content
doyoumindsg tiktok


@doyoumindsg is part of @comunitytouchservices,      they are committed to the well-being of all people, reaching out to various levels of needs in the community.

@doyoumindsg frequently reposts their content on Instagram from their Tiktok account, which you could also follow at @wellnessbytouch

The account actively advocates for mental health and if you like watching short videos instead of scrolling through images, you will most likely enjoy their content!


11.) @realdepressionproject

Things you might not know are symptoms of depression
What Depression "loneliness" feels like


@realdepressionproject focuses on spreading awareness and educating the public on mental health.

The account mainly advocates for people suffering from depression. Their content is easy to read and extremely informative.

As depression is one of the common forms of mental illness in Singapore, it will value-add if you happen to know of a friend suffering from mental health problems.


12.) @howareyoureallysg

Howareyoureallysg on the importance of setting boundaries
Fauzi playing smol tok


@howareyoureallysg is an account that focuses on its podcast, pods for support.

From hosting local influencers like preetipls to The Smart Local’s Fauzi, their podcast is packed with informative dialogues about the mental health scene in Singapore.

Apart from their podcast, they have curated self-care content to help you maintain your well-being.

They have finished their first season of pods for support, with no news of a second season. Despite that, we hope you enjoy their podcasts and instagram account.

13.) @healingourscars

self-harm myth
self-harm triggers


@healingourscars is an account that advocates for mental health, especially for the ones who experience self-harm habits.

The account consists of several posts, which covers myths and facts about mental health! Almost every post contains very detailed and informative content on various mental health topics.

If you know a friend who struggles with self-harm, you could direct them to the appropriate help. Perhaps even by following the account, you could understand your friend better too.


14.) @myselflovesupply

myselflovesupply instagram account
myselflove supply self-care resource


@myselflovesupply provides several self-love and self-care tips from their posts. Their mission is to provide resources and inspiration for people to practice self-care on a mental, emotional and physical level.

If you’re interested in more about @mylovesupply, you could visit their website for more content regarding self-care. You could find blogs and articles that cover self-care habits.

Additionally, they sell products like gratitude journals and E-books that guide people on a journey of self-love.


15.) @letstalk.mentalhealth

Self care resource
Fear of abandonment


@letstalk.mentalhealth is a mental health awareness account. This isn’t an account that simply posts about quotes or tips on self-care. It also posts thought-provoking content.

The content they provide focuses more on justifying certain actions, which many feel guilty for.

This account is great for those who need assurance and second opinions.


Love yourself.

Essentially, we ought to love ourselves. Sometimes, we are faced with problems and don’t handle them in the best way, making us feel stupid, guilty or/and anxious. But, that’s normal, and it’s okay! We have feelings after all and no one is going to feel great after going through a rough time.

If you want to change your life, loving and accepting yourself is the first step. No one is perfect, and no one will ever be. 

As Morgan Harper Nichols said “How liberating it is to pursue wholeness, instead of perfection”.

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