Top 10 educational podcasts in Singapore [Updated 2021]!

by | May 6, 2021

In recent times, podcasts have become increasingly popular worldwide. Podcasts are much more intimate as compared to regular radio, thus appealing to the younger generation.

But what about the podcasts in Singapore? What do we know about them?

Well, there are many locally based podcasts that are highly educational and informative. In this article, we will go over the top 10 educational podcasts in Singapore. But first, what is a podcast?

Local podcast

Simply put, a podcast is an audio file where the hosts and guests discuss a particular topic or event. It feels as though the listener is sitting in on a conversation between friends.

It is a much more intimate way of learning about topics or current events as compared to radio shows.

Most podcasts are easily accessible through apps such as Spotify and Apple podcast. They can listen to on the go, which makes them great for listening to while commuting. Podcasts can be extremely educational in many aspects such as mental health, financial literacy, history and more.

The top 10 local educational podcasts:

The list below consists of the top few locally based educational podcasts in Singapore for youths. These podcasts can also be found on Spotify!

1.) #Mymentalcare


This podcast mainly focuses on how to improve one’s mental health. The podcast mainly consists of people sharing their unique mental health experiences through a conversation.

For instance, in Episode 4: A conversation with a student studying abroad. Their guest, Keanna Sharon, who is an Indonesian student studying dance in Singapore, shares unique insights on the struggles she faced as a student abroad, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This could help listeners understand the possible difficulties they may face should they choose to study abroad, and how they can cope in a healthy way.

Hopefully, the podcast will encourage the listeners to share their mental health struggles with trusted individuals and help listeners understand they are not alone in their journey to a better mental space.

For JC students who are experiencing stress & anxiety in their lives, this podcast can be really useful. As a JC graduate myself, I understand how tiring it can be, which is why I wrote these 10 tips to help manage your stress in JC!


2.) Randomly Retable SG

Randomnly relatable sg

This is one of the few podcasts in Singapore that revolves around youth-centered topics and current affairs. In this podcast, the hosts share their experiences as Singaporean youths, and hopefully, listeners are able to relate and understand they are not alone in whatever experience they may be going through.

One interesting episode was Secondary School Memories. In this episode, the hosts recount their secondary school experiences and the stereotypes present in secondary schools. The episode was interesting and triggered fond memories of secondary school. Secondary school listeners would benefit from this episode as they can prepare themselves for situations they may encounter in the near future.

3.) The Historyogi podcast

The Historyogi podcast

For the history enthusiasts and youths who would like to brush up on their historical knowledge, this is one of the few podcasts in Singapore for you.

In this podcast, host Dhevarajan Devadas talks about important historical events from Singapore’s past in an easily digestible manner.

An episode I would like to highlight from this podcast is Episode 2: Understanding the History of Disease Control in Singapore (A conversation with Loh Kah Seng & Hsu Li Yang).

This episode talks about how the history of diseases in Singapore relates to modern times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

The host and guests talk about how societal and cultural aspects play a part in disease solutions. The episode can educate listeners on the history of Singapore while drawing parallels to modern times.

It is important for today’s youth to learn about our history, and this podcast provides an understandable and comprehensive guide.

Wisdom from unconventional individuals

Wisdom often comes from experience. In this podcast, the host Bryan Victor speaks to unique individuals from all walks of life, who have achieved success through unconventional means.

This series of podcasts kept me entertained in every episode and opened up my eyes to the different concepts of success and the ways I could succeed.

One episode I’d like to suggest is Episode 36: Conversation about Necker Island, Marriage and the Gig Economy. This episode includes talking about presentations, facing setbacks, the gig economy, and more.

One of the top takeaways from this episode is taking the initiative to be different and try out new ways to succeed, not just the conventional way. Personally, this episode was very interesting to me as the guest, Khailee Ng, spoke about an array of topics and gave extremely interesting insights on life.

Through this podcast, listeners gain insights and knowledge on life they would never hear elsewhere. It reminds listeners that the definition of success is not the same for everyone and that all of us have the potential to succeed in our own way.

5.) Keep it simple

The Lito Podcast

This podcast mainly focuses on personal development and growth. Through conversations with the hosts, Dan and Rebecca, listeners are able to learn more about how to live their life to the fullest.

A notable episode is Episode 71: Unpacking Mental Health with Xiang. This episode is mainly centered around a realistic mental health discussion. The hosts and guest tackle the conversation on the stigmas of mental health and help listeners understand their feelings and emotions better.

The best educational podcasts in Singapore usually cover topics in-depth, and this is one of those quality podcasts to be recommended!

Keep it simple

Financial literacy is an important skill to possess and through this podcast, youths can learn to manage their finances.

Through engaging and simple conversations, the team at the Keep It Simple podcast will teach listeners all about personal finance.

In Episode 51: Spend Money On Things That Make You Truly Happy! This episode mainly focuses on aligning your financial plan with what matters to you. The episode teaches listeners to save for things that are important in their lives and what makes them happy.

Money FM 89.3

Reading the newspapers has become less and less common amongst youths as it is difficult to do so on the go.

However, keeping up with current affairs and news is still a must for all. Through this podcast, listeners can keep up with the latest news easily, which will help improve their general knowledge.

For example, an episode worth highlighting is Data security and the rollout of nationwide parcel network. This episode talks about cybersecurity and digital data.

This episode is extremely informative and involves topics such as the parcel network and cyber issues which are important in today’s technological age. This gives listeners a better insight into what goes on in the digital world.

The Padang Sessions

It is extremely important for the youth of today to be exposed to the arts.

The Padang Sessions podcast brings to listeners the best talks and conversations from the National Gallery Singapore.

An episode to highlight would be Low Kway Song: A Trailblazer | Lim Shujuan In Conversation with Richard and Arthur Low.

This conversation is centered around Low Kway Song, a Singapore artist in the 1900’s. The episode talks about his artwork and personal life. It was interesting to learn about olden-day artists and how art has changed over the years.

Through this podcast, listeners can learn more about the arts in Singapore and the history behind the art.


SGCR Podcasts

SGCR is the Singapore Community Radio, which aims to promote the music scene in Singapore. This podcast has a variety of content.

From discussing the arts and promoting creative communities in Singapore, to engaging in conversations about the future of work in Singapore.

This podcast will highly benefit the youths as it exposes them to not only the arts but also conversations about their future.

An episode I would recommend listening to is S03EP05: Future of Work, Now by Salesforce ft Wendy Walker. This episode mainly talks about how to avoid burning out in the workforce and how the workforce is changing and how people should adapt.

This would be helpful for youths as they can prepare themselves before entering the workforce as well as implement some of these measures in their academic journey.

10.) T42

T42 podcast

This podcast talks about general Singaporean life. The hosts, Joel and Kishan, hold conversations about a diverse number of topics, from recent scientific information to general pop culture in Singapore.

They give us unique insights on certain topics as a writer and a science educator.

An interesting episode would be Episode 30: Shopping Malls, They/Them Pronouns, Lab-Grown Meat. This conversation is mainly centered on how the shopping malls today have changed from the past, they/them pronouns and questions about lab-grown meat.

This episode alone gives listeners a vast amount of knowledge. They provide listeners with everyday, common knowledge about shopping malls, as well as knowledge on pronouns, which is important in today’s day and age.

Last but not least, knowledge on the up and coming lab-grown meats to replace the traditional meats.

From this podcast, listeners can hopefully gain some general knowledge and keep up with the latest news or trends.

Final thoughts

All in all, podcasts are a great way to learn new things, and there are podcasts on almost every single topic.

Give the podcasts and listen and decide for yourself which ones you like best.