10 Psychology diploma and online courses in Singapore!

by | Oct 14, 2021

Are you interested in taking Psychology courses in Singapore but not sure if you should pursue it as a career path?

Or maybe you’re planning to switch careers; learn new skills; pursue Psychology as a form of passion.

For to-be Polytechnic students, a Psychology diploma could give you sufficient experience to review your interest in the field before heading on to work or University to get a Psychology degree.

Alternatively, for others, you can also look at online courses to grant you a “feel” of the field.

Here’s a list of Psychology diploma courses in Singapore and online Psychology courses.

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Brain's Psychology

1.) Diploma in Psychology Studies — Temasek Polytechnic (TP)

Duration: 3 years

Tuition Fees (Per year):

  • Singapore Citizen (below 40 years old) — $2,987.50
  • Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) — $6,117.50
  • International — $11,150.70

Intake Period: April

Qualifications accepted:

  • GCE O Level
  • Integrated Programme (IP)
  • Relevant work experience
  • Students in their penultimate year can check out their Early Admissions Exercise.

Why you should sign up:

  • Only local Polytechnic out of the five to offer a pure Psychology Diploma
  • TP students get to experience out of classroom learning experiences through their cutting-edge facilities and vibrant on-campus activities 


2.) Diploma in Psychology — College of Allied Educators (Part-Time)

Duration: 6 months

Tuition Fees (Full course):  $5125.30 w/ GST

Intake Period: October

Qualifications accepted:

  • Certificate in Child Psychology and Counselling awarded by CAE
  • At least 3 subject passes and above at GCE O Level

Other requirements

  • At least 16 years old
  • At least C6 at GCE O Level English

Why you should sign up:

  • College of Allied Educators Singapore, is a premier learning institution and learning provider of choice for special needs, counselling and psychology courses
  • Provides grounded, holistic experience with its focus on theory
  • Teaches real-world, practical case studies and examples delivered by lecturers who actively practice in their respective fields


3.) Diploma in Psychology — Kaplan

Duration: 8 months, Part-time

Tuition Fees (Full Course): $6,955 w/GST

Intake Period: October

Qualifications accepted:

  • GCE A-Level
  • Kaplan Foundation Diploma
  • Mature candidates (≥ 30 years old with 8 years of work experience)
  • Other private or foreign qualifications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis

Why you should sign up:

  • The knowledge gained with the Diploma qualification forms the foundation of your tertiary education and helps you obtain relevant knowledge to advance towards your education and career goals


4.) Diploma in Applied Psychology — The School of Positive Psychology

TSPP graduate
Sourced from Marry Jedde
Duration: 12 months, Part-time

Tuition Fees (Full Course): $8,560 w/GST

Intake Period: January, April, July, October

Qualifications accepted:

  • Diploma holder from Polytechnic or recognised PEI
  • GCE A Level (with at least two H2 passes)
  • At least 2 years working experience and holding either:
    • 5 GCE ‘O’ Level passes with a minimum grade of C6
    • ITE Higher NITEC

Why you should sign up:

  • The school has trained over 20,000 learners; read what their students have to say!
  • They are uniquely designed as a professional and adult learning space, great for the working population who wishes to return to study.

Besides Applied Psychology, The School of Positive Psychology offers a variety of psychology diplomas including:


Notable Psychology Courses for beginners

Online courses

1.)Introduction to Psychology Course — Singapore University of Social Sciences

Duration: 6 months

Tuition Fees (Full Course): To be confirmed

Intake Period: January and July

Qualifications requirements:

  • GCE A level with two passes (prior to 2006)
  • GCE A level with two H2 passes (from 2006)
  • Polytechnic Diploma
  • NUS High School Diploma
  • IB Diploma
  • Diploma from ITE
  • Other Diploma qualifications plus an acceptable SAT or ACT (with Writing) score
  • At least 5 GCE O Levels subject passes, with interview

Other requirements:

  • At least 18 years old

Why you should sign up:

  • Learn how to apply psychological theories, principles and concepts to real-life situations
  • Learn how to explain human behaviour across a variety of everyday settings from various perspectives

SUSS also offers a variety of other psychology courses including:


2.) Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology — Udemy

Diploma in modern application psychology
Sourced from Udemy
Duration: 50h 50m

Fees: USD 21.98

Intake Period: Register for Psychology course online at any time

Why you should sign up:

  • The course has had 26,512 students enrolled
  • One of the highest-rated Online Psychology courses with 5191 ratings and 4.6 stars.
  • Easy for beginners
  • Awarded a certificate of completion after completing it
  • Recognize the motivations behind all patterns of human behaviour.
  • Understand and solve problems that directly affect people’s lives.
  • Develop strong interpersonal relationships and connections.
  • Interact with other people in a positive and influential way.


Dip in modern app psych review
Sourced from Udemy

3.) Learn Social Psychology – Udemy

Learn social psychology udemy course
Sourced from Udemy
Duration: 5h 11m

Fees: USD 19.98

Intake Period: Register for Psychology course online at any time

Why you should sign up:

  • The course has had 18,675 students enrolled
  • High rated Online Psychology course with 3,473 ratings and 4.6 stars.
  • Skillsfuture credit available
  • Awarded a certificate of completion after completing it
  • Designed by an expert instructor
  • Teaches you to develop greater understanding of other people
  • See social influences on everyday behaviors


Social psychology udemy review

4.) Certificate in Psychology — The School of Positive Psychology

Duration: 3 months, Part-time

Intake Period: January and July

Qualifications accepted:

  • Minimum 1 GCE ‘O’ Level credit
  • Mature candidates (≥ 30 years old with 8 years work experience)

Why you should sign up:

  • Explore major theories and research of prominent psychologists and researchers
  • Learn biological factors that influence the individual
  • Learn what intelligence is and how to test it
  • Learn various personality theories and personality tests

TSPP’s other psychology courses include:


5.) Advanced Level Psychology — Udemy

Duration: 4hr

Fees: $21.98

Intake Period: Register for Psychology course online at any time

Why you should sign up:

  • The course has had 6,182 students enrolled
  • High rated Psychology course online with 1,267 ratings and 4.4 stars.
  • Awards accredited certificate (by the International Association of Therapists) upon completion
  • Teaches Social Psychology: Attitudes & Social Cognition
  • Learn about Child Development: emotional, cognitive
  • Know what Research Methods in Psychology involve and why we need them


6.) Introduction to Psychology — Coursera (Yale University) Course

Duration: 15hrs

Fees: Free

Intake Period: Register for Psychology course online at any time

Why you should sign up:

  • It’s free
  • Good introduction course to basic Psychology concepts
  • Can help to decide if Psychology is a good fit for you
  • Graded assignments and certificates are available at a cost if you want a richer learning experience



As a current Psychology student, I find learning Psychology very fulfilling, beneficial and applicable to daily life and work. Besides being a potential career path, it has helped me understand myself and those around me better.

To those interested in pursuing this path, I hope this list of Psychology diploma courses and Online Psychology courses helps you find a journey that best suits you!

If you like to find out more about the various Psychology educational options, check out our article on the Psychology degrees in Singapore.

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