Polytechnics in Singapore: A guide to choosing the right Polytechnic

Which polytechnic to choose

“What’s next?” is something most post-secondary school students ask themselves after receiving their ‘O’ level results. Although there is a rise in popularity of the 5 Polytechnics in Singapore, students may not know which Polytechnic in Singapore to choose from. Continue reading to find out more about the niche and benefits each Polytechnic can offer you!

Republic Polytechnic

Location: 9 Woodlands Ave 9, Singapore 738964

Located in Woodlands, Republic Polytechnic (RP) was founded in 2002 and is the newest Polytechnic in Singapore to be opened. It has a total of 7 schools with more than 30 diplomas to choose from! RP is well-known among students for their niche in sports diplomas, such as the Diploma in Outdoor & Adventure Learning, and Diploma in Sports Coaching.

RP also boasts a unique pedagogy where the Polytechnic infuses Problem Based Learning (PBL) in their curriculum, resulting in well-rounded students with strong presentation and teamwork skills.

Apart from all the courses offered, another aspect to consider when selecting your future school is the environment. Physically, RP has an extremely aesthetically pleasing campus, with open lawns and spaces for students to gather. Most of the campus is also air-conditioned, which is always a plus!

RP is also home to the Republic Cultural Centre, which hosts arts events and festivals for both its students and the public. Another unique aspect of RP is the numerous Sports Hall they provide students with, including the Competition Hall, Badminton and Table Tennis Hall, as well as the Martial Arts Room.

To make sure their students never go hungry, RP also offers 3 food courts, 2 cafés, as well as a Subway and Cheers store. After class, students can also choose to hang out with their friends at Causeway Point, which is only a 5-minute bus ride from the nearby bus stop.

Student life is especially vibrant on campus, with a total of 46 Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) offered. These CCAs range from sports and service-learning clubs to leadership clubs, so every RP student can enrich their life on campus and develop themselves holistically.

RP also takes good care of their students, and even provides shuttle bus services for students living in the East and North-Eastern parts of Singapore! Despite being the youngest Polytechnic in Singapore, RP has won several awards. Many of these awards recognise their efforts in improving workplace health for RP staff, which translates to an even better environment for students to study in!

RP also offers a variety of scholarships, some of which even offer a bond so students do not have to worry about employment after graduation!

*Notable alumni include Yip Pin Xiu, Benjamin Kheng, and Ian Fang

Here’s a list of courses Republic Polytechnic offers!

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Nanyang Polytechnic

Location: 180 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Singapore 569830

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) is another Polytechnic in Singapore that is located in the North, and more specifically, in Yio Chu Kang. The Polytechnic established in 1992 boasts a total of 6 schools with more than 40 courses in total, and is also known as the only Polytechnic with a Diploma in Social Work.

For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to join NYP, you’ll be excited to hear that the Polytechnic in Singapore has an iO Pre-incubator, which serves as a space for students to consult their respective mentors on ideas for startup and social enterprises. NYP also offers the JumpStart Programme, which provides a grant for students who already have a prototype on hand, and are ready to realise their ideas!

NYP also provides a wide range of facilities for students to use when they’re not in class, such as the T-Junction for students to relax and have fun, as well as the Reading Lounge for those looking for a quiet space to study.

The Polytechnic also offers a total of 5 food courts for students to choose from, so you’ll never get sick of campus food. If you ever want to go off campus to eat with your friends, Ang Mo Kio (AMK) Hub is just a 5-minute drive away!

The Polytechnic aims to develop its students holistically and offers the Co-Curricular Activities Points System (CCAPS) to recognise accomplishments outside of school. NYP students can achieve these points by participating in the over 80 Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) the Polytechnic offers, with unique clubs such as the Mindsports and Street Workout Club!

The Polytechnic has also brought home many international awards, including a total of 5 awards from the WorldSkills Leipzig held in Germany, where NYP was recognised for their skills in various areas.

NYP also offers numerous external and internal scholarships that all students can apply for, some of which offer bonds with partnering companies and cash awards.

*Notable alumni include Romeo Tan, Carrie Wong, and Vanessa Peh.

Here’s a list of courses Nanyang Polytechnic offers!

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Temasek Polytechnic

Location: 21 Tampines Ave 1, Singapore 529757

Temasek Polytechnic (TP) is the only Polytechnic in Singapore located in the East and has 6 schools on campus, which provide students with a total of 37 diploma courses to choose from. TP offers unique courses such as the only Diploma in Veterinary Technology as well as the only Diploma in Law and Management.

Its location in the East is not the only unique aspect about TP – the Polytechnic also adopts a Practice-Based and Skills Education (PSE) framework, where students will be taught to handle industry-based situations. TP has also adopted Self-Directed Learning (SDL), where students are honed into proactive individuals in their learning.

Additionally, students interested in developing their leadership throughout their Polytechnic life will be more than excited to join TP. The Polytechnic offers the 3-year Leadership: Essential Attributes & Practice (LEAP) programme for all students to hone their leadership skills.

TP not only provides students with a total of 61 lecture halls but also a convention centre and amphitheatre. Students do not need to worry about food as well – the Polytechnic has 5 food courts, a Mcdonalds, and Subway for students. With the variety of cuisines offered, you are guaranteed to never be hungry! If you ever want to hang out with your friends after school, the educational institute is only a 15-minute bus ride away from Tampines Mall.

Not only that, TP also offers a wide range of more than 80 Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs), including special ones such as Wakeboarding and Toastmasters, which teach public speaking skills to their members.

Even though TP was only founded 30 years ago, it is also well-known for their Design school which is home to students who won the Crowbar Awards for five consecutive years since 2017.

TP also gives their students the opportunity to apply for scholarships, and even recognises students who excel holistically, presenting them the CCA scholarship.

*Notable alumni include Dasmond Koh, Xu Bin, and Charmaine Soh.

Here’s a list of courses Temasek Polytechnic offers!

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Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Location: 535 Clementi Rd, Singapore 599489

Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is one of the highly sought-after Polytechnics to enrol in after students graduate from their secondary school. With a total of 8 academic schools and 39 diploma programmes to choose from, NP is also known for its School of Business as well as School of Film and Media Studies. Additionally, it is also the only Polytechnic in Singapore that offers the Diploma in Chinese Studies, as well as the Diploma in Data Science.

NP is also well-known for its vibrant student life on campus, with more than 100 Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) available for students to mingle around with others from different courses. Additionally, the Polytechnic in Singapore also offers a unique teaching pedagogy to help students expand perspectives through interdisciplinary study (IS) modules. Throughout their 3 years in the educational institute, students must take at least one IS module to gain soft skills.

NP also provides high-quality facilities, including platforms such as The Sandbox to assist aspiring student entrepreneurs to begin their startup journey. Some well-known companies founded on campus include Carousell. Not only that, NP also has a gym, convention centre, and even an aerospace hub for students!

Apart from the well-rounded facilities for students to develop both their academic and holistic skills, NP also makes sure that their students never go hungry! The 4 food courts, along with the Subway and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf located on campus guarantees students a diverse range of cuisines to satisfy their cravings. The Polytechnic is also located on Clementi street which is near Beauty World, a famous supper haven for students.

NP also presents their students the opportunity to apply for scholarships and awards, to recognise their hard work. Through its well-established curriculum, NP won the Singapore Quality Class Star Award and the President’s Award for the Environment in 2014.

*Notable alumni include Sonia Chew, Jean Danker, and Anthony Chen.

Here’s a list of courses Ngee Ann Polytechnic offers!

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Singapore Polytechnic

Location: 500 Dover Rd, Singapore 139651

Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is the Polytechnic with the longest history in Singapore, with a total of 8 academic schools and 33 full-time courses. Apart from the numerous courses offered, SP is also well-known for their Engineering diploma programmes, along with extremely unique courses such as the Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science.

Other notable diplomas offered include Facilities Management, where students will be certified in fire safety, risk management, and supervision of construction work upon graduation. With such a practical curriculum, SP is definitely one of the most attractive Polytechnics in Singapore!

SP also offers its students a colourful life on campus, with more than 100 Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) for students to choose from. Apart from the many CCAs, SP also holds an annual SP Flag Day as part of the Freshman Orientation Programme (FOP), where students take part in meaningful fundraising for the underprivileged in Singapore.

With such a big campus, SP provides only the highest quality facilities for their students, including 2 libraries, an aerospace hub, and a sports complex. The Polytechnic located in the West of Singapore also delivers a variety of food options for students as well.

With 6 food courts, a Macdonald’s, KFC, and Subway, SP students have access to an affordable range of cuisines on campus. Students can also choose to go to the nearby Clementi Mall to eat if campus food does not suit their taste buds.

SP also provides its students with numerous scholarships they can apply for, from those recognising outstanding academic talent to those rewarding students who excel holistically.

Through its longstanding history as Singapore’s first Polytechnic, SP has brought home various awards. This includes the ASEAN People’s Award for community-building efforts and the South West Environment and Community (ECo) Award for their contributions to environmental and community sustainability.

*Notable alumni include Tanya Chua, Taufik Batisah, and Kelly Poon.

Here’s a list of courses Singapore Polytechnic offers!

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Although many students are overwhelmed by the options they can go to after receiving their results, enrolling into a Polytechnic in Singapore is just the beginning of an exciting journey filled with friends, group projects, and fun. We hope that you have a much clearer idea of which Polytechnic is a better choice for you after reading this article!

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