Peeking into the lives of Singaporean student TikTokers

Lives of singaporean student tiktokers

“Wah I’m so tired I stayed up until 4 AM last night scrolling TikTok…”. A commonly seen occurrence among students, TikTok has quickly turned into the hottest mobile application among youths. And along with it, comes a new wave of opportunities for unique content creators to shine.

You may be one of their many fans or their videos may have occasionally appeared on your For You Page (FYP): Singaporean TikTokers Alona (@pinoybrownie), Yeoshi (@yeoshinoya), and Kai (@pale.nerves) are among some of the most popular content creators now. Continue reading to learn more about their TikTok journey and how it has impacted their life!


“Your word is… December. Could you please use it in a sentence?” Sounds familiar? Alona’s well-known spelling bee video series may just have appeared on your TikTok FYP.

The 21-year-old is Singapore’s first female Filipino TikToker that has gathered an impressive following of 165.7k followers (as of 2nd December 2021) on TikTok. Despite her humorous and extroverted image on the social networking application, Alona appears with a slightly nervous, but genuine smile as she talks about how she started making TikToks, her newfound fame, and its influence on her life.

Where it all started

Not many people, let alone her fans, know of Alona’s original (and still active!) TikTok account (@pinoyprownie), where the Singaporean TikToker started posting short vlogs and content from her everyday life in 2020. Although she started off watching TikTok like everyone else on the application, Alona’s friends encouraged her to start posting TikToks, praising her unique and optimistic personality.

After much consideration, she created her now well-known account (@pinoybrownie), where Alona showed her pride in her Filipino ethnicity by making videos about her culture.

Still unreal to her, the content creator struggles to wrap her head around her newfound fame to this day. “I’m just a random girl doing TikToks… It’s still crazy to think about it.” Alona laughs, visibly more comfortable. She credits her TikTok success to her personality, creative Filipino centred content, and most importantly, hard work.

The Jollibee lover creates mostly Filipino-centred content on her TikTok account.

Opportunities TikTok has brought

Despite starting her TikTok content creation journey solely for fun, the Singaporean TikToker now takes her account more seriously, especially when it comes to sponsored posts. Although Alona has done several sponsored posts for various brands, she still marvels at how her hobby has transformed into her side hustle.

With an awkward smile, Alona confesses she puts extra effort into content for her sponsored posts compared to her usual TikToks, taking into account both the company’s and her branding.

The social media application has not only been a side hustle for the influential TikToker but has also become a platform for her to socialise and network. Alona’s eyes light up in excitement as she mentions the many friends she has made through the social media platform, who has been featured in some of her videos. She has also gotten recognised in public several times, with her TikTok account transforming into a conversation starter.

Singapore Tiktoker Alona
PHOTO CREDIT: @pinoybrownie
Originally a hobby, TikTok has become Alona’s side hustle

Balancing School and TikTok

Although only known as a “Singaporean TikToker” by many, Alona is also a University student at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) majoring in communications. Despite being a busy University student, Alona still manages to balance her time between her academics, friends, and TikTok.

She credits this to her successful time management, and her secret to striking a balance lies in her Google Calendar. The Communications major lists down her deadlines for both school and TikTok sponsored videos to keep track of them. She also uses a timetable which she updates daily to keep organised.

Despite her related major and success on TikTok so far, Alona does not see herself pursuing social media full-time within the coming few years, although she discloses that anything is possible down the road. “Maybe my own business or brand though!”

To all aspiring content creators:

“Keep going for it if you’re passionate, and remember to have fun!”

– Alona


For many Singaporeans familiar with TikTok, Yeoshi (@yeoshinoya) can hardly be mentioned without bringing up Ryan (@rhanzhou), the other half of the best friend duo.

The 23-year-old is one of the most well-known student content creators on Singapore TikTok, with a following amounting to 245.5k (as of 2nd December 2021) . His extroverted and extremely friendly self shines throughout as he talks about his TikTok journey, his friendship with Ryan, and the impact TikTok has had on his life.

Where it all started

It may be a surprise to many that Yeoshi thought little of the social media platform at first, downloading TikTok only to understand what his friends around him were talking about. However, his witty personality stood out to those around him, and they encouraged him to start posting content on the mobile application.

Slowly but surely, the half-Filipino TikToker began to gain a following through his relatable and funny videos showcasing his daily life.

The hotpot lover did not think much of TikTok at first but is now one of its biggest Singaporean content creators.

With a huge following on TikTok, the fame Yeoshi had only hit him when he was recognised with his best friend Ryan in real life. “I knew we had views on TikTok… but we didn’t think it was anything”. In awe, Yeoshi describes his experience when asked for a photo at a Macdonald’s.

Starting out, he remembers how much fun he had filming the short videos, and his excitement when he first achieved 3,000 views, a small number compared to the views he has now. As his TikTok account gradually rose to fame, his best friend Ryan first popped the question of building a platform on TikTok as a duo, with Yeoshi sharing the same thoughts.

Balancing School and TikTok

While this marked the start of an exciting journey for the pair, it also meant that they had to balance not only school, friends, and a co-curricular activity (CCA), but also TikTok. The Singaporean TikToker admits that it gets tiring at times, especially considering the number of commitments he has to juggle.

Although the Singaporean TikToker used to film videos solely for fun, Tik Tok has transformed into his side hustle, and he now has the additional responsibility of content creation and collaborating with brands. Yeoshi recalls the feeling of thrill and wonder after being approached for his first sponsorship deal, although the content creator gets approached for quite a number now.

Fortunately for him, Yeoshi has Ryan as a partner who he can rely on for support, and he credits their strong partnership and friendship to open communication and teamwork. “When we do everything together, it just makes it so much more fun!”

With the duo’s successful teamwork, Yeoshi and Ryan are now one of the most popular Singapore TikTokers, and the pair is currently under Hepmil Creators, a digital creator agency.

Singapore tiktoker Yeoshi
PHOTO CREDIT: @yeoshinoya
Yeoshi and Ryan’s open communication and friendship has resulted in their successful partnership.

Opportunities TikTok has brought

The social media platform has also given Yeoshi opportunities for him to make friends with other content creators. Although these new opportunities allow him to widen his social circle, Yeoshi has had lesser time to spend with his other friend groups off TikTok and expresses his gratitude for their understanding.

While it may seem like all glitz and glamour at first sight, the evidence of Yeoshi’s hard work and the thought he puts behind his content is hard to miss if you look carefully.

The Singapore Management University (SMU) student majoring in Information Systems has worked extremely hard for the success he holds now and is looking to start YouTube as a duo with Ryan.

To all aspiring content creators:

As simple as it sounds, just have fun and don’t lose sight of why you started.”

– Tan Yeo Shi Lee


While you may recognise this Singaporean TikToker by his paranormal experience storytimes or creative graphic designs – Kai (@pale.nerves) has amassed an audience of 54.7k followers (as of 2nd December 2021).

The grounded 23-year-old, well-known for his honest opinions on TikTok, talks about his TikTok journey, how he balances it with his school, and its influence on his life.

Where it all started

Just like any other University student, Kai started his TikTok journey by hopping on trends and creating content based on popular sounds. Slowly, the Singaporean TikToker began to use his account to vocalise his thoughts, and soon realised that this grew him a following as well.

Kai only realised his success on the social media platform when other accounts began tagging him, asking him for his opinions on certain issues. “I didn’t realise I was significant… or that people were interested”.

Despite his audience, Kai does not shy away from displaying his opinions online. The Singaporean TikToker used to upload his content without a second thought in the past. However, Kai now feels the need to be more cautious about the content he uploads, vets through his content himself before uploading it while recognising the impact it may have.

Singapore tiktoker Kai
PHOTO CREDIT: @pale.nerves
TikTok has become a platform for Kai to vocalise his thoughts.

Balancing School and TikTok

With his popularity on TikTok, Kai found himself being approached for sponsorship deals and smiles as he remembers his very first brand collaboration, which left him in awe. However, this also meant that the Singaporean TikToker would have an additional responsibility of TikToks on top of his academics, co-curricular activity (CCA), and part-time jobs.

Although Kai only used to upload content whenever he wasn’t busy, working with brands meant deadlines to meet. In order to cope with the tight deadlines of his job, TikTok, and academics, the Singaporean TikToker decorated his dorm with LED lights, making his TikTok filming process much quicker.

Apart from this, he also uses his Notes application to create a to-do list every night before the next day and puts an emoji next to each task once it’s completed. However, the 23-year-old also mentions the importance of not overloading the to-do list with too many tasks, and only includes tasks that are urgent and important on his to-do list.

PHOTO CREDIT: @pale.nerves
Despite his many commitments, Kai still manages to find time to film TikToks frequently.

Opportunities TikTok has brought

Although an additional responsibility, Kai also recognises the opportunities that TikTok has brought him. The Singaporean TikToker puts extra effort into sponsored content to suit both the company and his style and vividly describes an experience where he stayed up until dawn just to film a sponsored video.

However, the social media platform has not only been a side hustle for Kai. The Singaporean TikToker has also been noticed in public, especially within his campus on Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as he recounts an experience of being recognised when he changed dorms in surprise.

Highly sought after for his opinions on trending issues, the NTU majoring in Graphic Design enjoys creating content without any pressure and does not plan to pursue TikTok full-time.

To all aspiring content creators:

Stay authentic and true to yourself.

– Thng Kai Xiang


Being a student and a content creator on TikTok at the same time is definitely not easy. Although there are amazing opportunities this side job can offer, you also have to be able to balance multiple commitments and deal with more responsibilities.

Perhaps you’re planning to take a gap year in Singapore, content creation might be a great way to occupy your time.

Don’t worry if you think being a content creator doesn’t suit you – check out these other jobs available for you to make some side income.

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