Counselling Centres in Singapore: Free & affordable services

by | Oct 21, 2021

A recent study conducted by the Institute of Mental Health, found that 1 in 7 people in Singapore has experienced a mental disorder in their lifetime However, less than a quarter sought professional help.

On the positive side, the importance of mental health is gaining more awareness and the number of people seeking help is rising – will we be able to transition to an era where going for counselling is not stigmatised?

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What is counselling?

Counselling set up

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Counselling can be seen as an activity where you share your personal problems with your counsellor and work together to explore ways to address them.

Everything you share during your counselling sessions will remain confidential between you and your counsellor unless it is about something that threatens your wellbeing or that of others.

Who is counselling for?

Counselling services are open to anyone struggling with a personal concern, which includes stress, anxiety, depression, self-esteem difficulties, relationship problems, life transitions among others.

Why should we go for counselling?

Counselling benefits

Besides becoming healthier mentally, there are many other potential benefits of the counselling that can help you become a more confident and positive individual.

Some examples are:

  • Improved communication and interpersonal skills
  • Greater self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Ability to manage stress effectively
  • Improved ability to solve problems and resolve conflicts

Those who have gone for counselling shared that the process of getting better “wasn’t pretty”, but their advice is to trust the journey. Gradually, things will get better and you will see the benefits of counselling.

Free Counselling in Singapore

Annabelle Psychology clinic

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Hesitant to go for counselling because of its fees? We got you covered!

Here are some free counselling services you can find in Singapore.

Affordable Counselling Services in Singapore ($100 and below)

To expand your options, here are some affordable counselling services in Singapore!

Other Counselling Services in Singapore (>$100)

Alliance Counselling Centre

This list consists of counselling services in Singapore for those who can afford a higher fee.

Free and Affordable Counselling for COVID-19

To reduce the impact the pandemic has on us, a group of psychologists have kindly offered to provide cheap and free counselling services for those who need it.

The full list of psychologists who have stepped up in response to COVID-19 can be found on Singapore Psychological Society’s website.

Both face-to-face and online counselling services are available, and they will offer their service at special rates from now till 3 December 2021.

Free and Affordable Counselling for University Students

As a university student myself, I understand that most of us would rather spend two more hours studying than “wasting” time at the counselling centre. However, studies have found that long hours doesn’t equate to more work done and stress can stop you from being productive.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed, going for counselling may help you explore ways to better cope with your tasks and daily stresses!

Most Universities in Singapore offer free counselling for students to cope with academic and general stresses.

Quoting from a student who went for counselling in school: “open up your heart, and take the leap”, to experience the benefits of counselling.

Lastly, don’t let misconceptions of school counsellors deter you from seeking help. Counsellors in school are equally qualified and are required to keep your sharings confidential unless they perceive it to be a potential threat to themselves or others.

Free and Affordable Counselling for Polytechnic Students

All local polytechnics in Singapore offer free counselling for their students.

Crisis Helplines (24 Hours)

If you or someone you know is in need of immediate attention, please reach out to the following 24-hour helplines.

A reminder to ourselves

Don't lose hope

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Lastly, here are some things we need to remind ourselves:

  • Our concerns and worries are not too trivial to go for counselling
  • Our problem is not “smaller” than what others are going through
  • Reaching out for help does not make us weak
  • There is someone who wants to listen to us

Don’t be afraid to reach out if you are struggling, it is not wrong to ask for help!

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