Elijah Tay

Elijah Tay is a youth activist, known for their LGBTQ+ advocacy. They founded My Queer Story SG, Queers of LH , Huh, got this thing ah? and Jah's This , and protested in the #FixSchoolsNotStudents movement.

Currently, they are an AWARE intern and Red Dot United member.

Follow them on Instagram: @elijahtaypeng and Linkedin: Elijah Tay

How has the pandemic affected the environment?

How has the pandemic affected the environment?

In 2020, the world encountered a pandemic, Covid-19. The pandemic had stopped the momentum of several key trends. More specifically, combating climate change. As a result, news and social media outlets, government officials and people have shifted their attention away to focus on the pandemic. But while the pandemic was ravaging civilization, climate change did not stop. Here’s how the pandemic worsened climate change.