7 worthwhile Photography courses in Singapore [2021]

by | Jul 8, 2021

If you’re a foodie, film camera enthusiast or owner of a lonely DSLR who’s been wanting to take their photography skills to the next level, this is the sign you’ve all been waiting for!

A list of the top 7 photography courses in Singapore. These are well-established and beginner-friendly photography courses!

For cheaper or free alternatives, here’s the best 13 online photography courses you shouldn’t miss.


Photography Courses in Singapore

1.) Photography for Beginners by Kennie Pan

Kennie Pan
Sourced from Kenniepan.com
Kennie Pan is a multi-award-winning Wildlife Photographer based in Singapore.

His beginner-friendly photography course aims to teach the basics of digital photography and operating a DSLR.

Students will be taught important concepts such as ISO and Aperture. The course is perfect for you if you prefer hands-on learning as well.

Duration: 1h – 4h
Cost: SGD220-SGD580

2.) Pictorial

Pictorial logo
Sourced from Pictorial.com
Founded by Keith Low in 2005, Pictorial has grown to be one of the top names in the industry when it comes to creating budding photographers.

Pictorial offers a variety of face to face courses ranging from different skill levels.

Keith has over 20 years of professional photography experience and even mentors some of the courses himself.

Duration: 1 Day Course
Cost: SGD180

3.) Ourshutterjourney

ourshutterjourney's website
Priding themself as a team that advocates for carefree photography, you know you’ll be in good hands at their Photography Academy.

Ourshutterjourney has many genres of courses catered to beginners ranging from general topics such as their Basic Photography Course to special courses such as their Food Photography course.

With a team of trainers who are experienced photographers themselves, you will be well equipped to take your interest in photography to the next level.

Duration: 6 Classes
Cost: SGD168

4.) Part-Time Certificate in Photography by NAFA (Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts)

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
Sourced from Wikimedia
A popular course for beginners in photography, this 5-month course aims to help beginners build a strong foundation in understanding the basics of digital photography.

The course focuses on subjects such as architecture, street and the urban landscape around us.

Skillsfuture credits are claimable for seniors above the age of 50 as well as those above 25.

If you have your eye on this course, be warned that slots fill up fast. The next round of applications will commence in January 2022.

Duration: 5 months, 16 sessions
Cost: SGD850

5.) Digital Photography for Absolute Beginners by Laselle

Offered under Laselle, this is a short term photography course that is recommended for those who want to learn the basic functions of a digital camera.

Aside from that, students will also attend shooting excursions every week, a chance for them to practice the techniques taught in class.

There are 2 parts to the course, both consisting of 8 sessions each. Like the photography course offered by NAFA, subsidies are also provided and Skillsfuture credits are claimable.

Duration: 8 sessions – 16 sessions
Cost: SGD520 – $870

6.) Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging by MAD School

Mad school
Sourced from madschool.edu.sg
Mad Photoshoot session
madschool close up photoshoot

Sourced from Facebook

This photography diploma is aimed at those wanting to pursue photography as a career in the relevant fields but are unsure where to start.

It offers the best of both worlds as they teach not only the fundamentals of photography but more niche topics that are relevant to the different career fields as well.

While this option is not for those who are pursuing photography as a casual side project, if you want to take your passion to the next level, this is the choice for you.

Duration: 6 months(Full time) / 10 months (Part time)
Cost: SGD8500

7.) Phocus Academy

Phocus academy's website
Sourced from Phocus.com.sg
Phocus Academy is a photography school based in Singapore that was founded back in 2009 by Nanda and JunJie.

Now, they have brought that same passion to Phocus Academy, where they offer workshops ranging from beginner photography to professional videography.

Their Practical Photography (Foundation Class) allows for minimal classroom time and maximum shooting time for beginners.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to learning the basics than focusing on settings and terms, this is the course for you.

Duration: 7 sessions, 2 hours each
Cost: SGD480

Thanks for reading!

There you have it, the top 7 photography courses in Singapore.

We hope this list has given you a better overview of the options available to you.

Whether you’re a beginner with some or even no knowledge at all, we encourage you to take your passion and skills to the next level with the beginner-friendly photography courses listed here.

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