5 reasons why students should learn copywriting

by | Apr 30, 2021

Copywriting is a skill that’s rising in demand, great copywriters can earn up to 6 figures a year and most work from home!

We see it being used all the time in commercials, articles and videos.

But for all its relevance in the world, it’s not a skill we learn in school. And that’s a problem. 

You might be thinking: “Okay sure, but how does learning this skill help me in school?”

In this article, I’m going to show you 5 reasons why you should learn copywriting as a student!

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Copywriting refers to the skill to write in a way that is honest and persuasive.

People use copywriting to promote brand awareness, sell products and services, and more with the intention to get people to take a certain action.

The best thing about copywriting is that you can do it without a degree, diploma or any educational qualifications and be able to earn money.

You just need a laptop,Wi-fi connection and a willingness to learn!

    Why should I care about copywriting?

    Why care about copywriting?

    You don’t have to but it would be a waste. That’s because copywriting is everywhere!

    You see it all the time in various forms, some examples include:

    • Emails
    • News headlines
    • Billboards
    • Slogans
    • Blog posts
    • Video scripts
    • Website landing page

    If you look closely at the products you buy or the services you acquired, you did so because of a copywriter.

    A copywriter came up with the right message, the right brand story and the right slogan. And that persuaded you regardless of whether you were aware of it.

    One of the most famous examples of copywriting is the slogan “Just Do It” by Nike.

    The “Just Do It” campaign increased sales from $877 million to $9.2 billion worldwide from 1988 to 1998.

    It allowed Nike to increase its share of the North American domestic sport-shoe business from 18% to 43%.

    That’s extremely impressive and goes to show how persuasive great copywriting can be.

    Learning copywriting can open up several opportunities for you down the road.

    How does learning copywriting benefit me as a student?

    1.) Write killer University application essays

    University application essay writing

    In Singapore, universities require a personal statement or/and a few short essays. For instance:

    • NUS requires one personal statement of 2000 characters
    • NTU contains one optional essay limited to 500 words
    • SMU requires one personal statement limited to 300 words and 2-3 short essays of 50 words or less

    With the word limit and ambiguous questions, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by them. And that’s why it’s so important to understand how copywriting helps.

    Copywriting enhances our ability to:

    • Craft strong introductions

    First impressions count when admission officers are reading thousands of essays during application periods.

    Be accustomed to simple introduction techniques that are guaranteed to capture their attention.

    • Be concise and clear

    When you write more, people understand less.

    Studies have shown that sentences at 11 words are easy to read. At 21 words, it’s fairly difficult. And anything above 25 words becomes difficult.

    If your sentences are too long, your points will get lost.

    Copywriters know this and cultivated the habit to reduce wordiness, scan for misplaced punctuations and maintain clarity.

    • Know our audience

    Ever wonder what admission officers want to read? The tone to adopt? The layout/structure of the content? The word choices?

    These questions are the right questions. But if you lack the experience, they can be difficult to tackle.

    However, as an experienced copywriter, answers should come naturally.

    Since the role of a Copywriter is to understand their target audience, persuasive copies can be crafted to suit them.

    2.) Write better resumes

    Write better resumes

    Picture this scenario:

    You apply for an internship but the employers are only looking to hire a few people. And you know they have to look through at least 50 resumes.

    This is an unfortunate scenario but it’s also realistic. Employers don’t have the time to read word for word. They scan your resume fast. And if they spot a mistake, they go on to the next one.

    How then do you write a resume that’s good enough?

    This is where copywriting comes into play. Copywriting is the art of selling. And in this case, you are selling yourself.

    An experienced copywriter would be able to write a resume that grabs their potential employer’s attention, keeps them interested, convinces them that they’re the right fit and encourages the employer to call them up for the interview.

    If you want to write a great resume but don’t know how to, we listed 15 tips on what you need to know to deliver a killer resume!

    3.) Get what you want

    Get what I want

    Why do you think Companies pay tens of thousands to hire copywriters? It’s because Copywriters form sentences and words that persuade. And that could be worth millions of dollars in sales.

    Copywriting teaches you several techniques to get readers to take action. One widely used technique is to stress benefits, not features.

    Features are just an aspect of a product or a service while benefits are what those features can do for us.

    Vice president of iPhone product marketing, Kaiann Drance, used this technique during the virtual presentation of the iPhone 12 when he introduced the new display, Ceramic shield.

    He said: “It goes beyond glass by adding a new high-temperature crystallization step which grows nano-ceramic crystals within the glass matrix to dramatically improve toughness.”

    This feature is filled with jargons that are tough to understand, he later stressed its benefits and said:

    “If your iPhone accidentally slips out of your pocket, the ceramic shield will have four times the chance of surviving without cracking. It’s tougher than any smartphone glass.”

    Suddenly, the Ceramic shield becomes understandable and we find ourselves persuaded not by the features but by its benefits.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of copywriting techniques out there like creating scarcity, writing persuasive stories, and using power words, to learn!

    Even though copywriting uses are mainly found in business, lessons can still be carried over into our daily lives as students. For instance, if you’re:

    • Organizing an event? Use copywriting to persuade people to attend
    • Launching or managing a startup? Use copywriting to persuade consumers to purchase your products or acquire your services
    • Writing an important email? Use copywriting to persuade readers to take the desired action

    4.) Make Money – Full time

    Make money full time by learning copywriting

    Another reason you should learn Copywriting is that you can make money off it.

    Singapore’s digital advertising industry has been growing steadily for the past few years and is expected to continue this pace.

    From 2017 to 2020, it has grown at a 9% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) from USD 604 million to USD 852 million despite the effects of the pandemic.

    It is expected to continue this growth to USD 1,249 million by 2025 at 7% CAGR from 2020 to 2025.

    Along with the increase in digital ad spending, there is guaranteed to be an increase in demand for copywriters!

    In Singapore, the average copywriter salary is SGD 47,878/year . The salary could range from as low as SGD 36,000 to SGD 60,000/year.

    Then usually after 5 -7 years of experience, most companies would recognise you as a senior copywriter. And senior copywriters can earn an average salary of SGD 84,349/year. Their salaries could range from SGD 48,000 to SGD 96,000/year.

    But this is assuming you work for a company or an agency. If you work as a freelance copywriter and you are great at it, then earning 6 figures a year wouldn’t be surprising!

    Although some jobs do require a bachelor’s in Communications or Marketing, it doesn’t apply to all jobs. Most companies are open to hiring regardless of your educational background!

    5.)Make Money – Side hustle

    Lean copywriting to side hustle

    Want to make additional income while studying? Copywriting is another viable alternative!

    For beginners with basic knowledge of copywriting, you can list your services on freelancing platforms like:

    However, it could take weeks or months before someone actually engages you. Also, don’t expect to be paid well without much copywriting experience.

    After all, businesses aren’t going to pay a huge sum to people without copywriting experience. The risk is too high.

    Instead what we recommend is to practise writing for free.

    Look for individuals who are starting their own businesses. You can find them in entrepreneurial communities online or in school!

    Most of the time, they are desperate for help and will be more than happy to acquire your service.

    That way you gain the necessary experience and something you can add to your portfolio.

    Also, your client’s business might be wildly profitable in the future. And they would probably come back to you with paid work next time.

    After gaining some experience and a number of copies in your portfolio, you can start charging for your services and approach the big companies as a professional freelancer.


    To sum up, Copywriting is at the very core of advertising. Its influence can be felt for every dollar of sales that comes from a product sold or service provided.

    Its history has dated back since the publication of the first printed papers.

    It’s found in every advertising material, and has been part of our lives since we were born.

    The rich perspectives to gain from studying it could completely change the way we perceive school, our lives and the world.

    Keen on learning copywriting? Have nowhere to start? Here are some free resources!

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