40 Ideas for graduation gifts in Singapore

by | Nov 15, 2021

Graduation season is soon approaching. It’s a pretty bittersweet event — it brings back memories of sweat and tears but also laughter and joy in school.

Have friends graduating soon and want to congratulate them? Here are some graduation gift ideas in Singapore that are (mostly) under $100 to get your friends ready for their next stage of life, be it working or further education.

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The Day Itself — Graduation Ceremony

You’re invited to a friend’s graduation ceremony and you don’t want to turn up empty-handed. Here are some ideas for what you can give them!


Picture taken from Farm Florist’s website

Flowers are a must-have at graduation ceremonies.

Have no idea what flowers your friend will like? Farm Florist’s Surprise Bouquet service lets the professionals do the flower choosing so you can shop with peace of mind.

They even offer free same-day delivery, great if you need a last-minute graduation gift.

Check it out on Farm Florist’s website.

2. Graduation Bear

Graduation bear

Picture taken from Shopee

No graduation is complete without a graduation bear. This bear from Shopee comes in three different sizes at a really affordable price, which is great if you have multiple graduating friends.

Check this out on Shopee for $4.90-$11.50

Or, if you’d like something a bit more non-conforming, how about a panda bear instead? Get it as a gag gift to foreshadow the dark eye circles your friends will grow soon. (Kidding!)

Check this out on Ikea’s website at $5.90

Experiential Graduation Gifts

After many tiring years of being a student, graduation calls for some time to party! Gift your friend some beautiful memories with these exciting experiences.

3. Pretend to travel to Japan at Sushi Airways

Jap restaurant

A happy stomach is a great idea for a graduation gift, because…who doesn’t love food?

Since there are no present plans to establish a Vaccinated Travel Lane with Japan as of yet, Sushi Airways is a comforting alternative.

Visit them at 20a Baghdad St, Singapore 199659. For info on opening hours and more, check out their Facebook page.

4. Dine at El Fuego

el fuego

Picture taken from El Fuego’s Instagram and website

For a more conventional dining experience, bring your graduating friends to El Fuego for a tasty treat. Situated in Jewel Changi Airport, El Fuego offers a 2-course set lunch for $18.90++, which is pretty decent for such amazing looking food!

It is also halal-certified, so you can bring your Muslim friends here for a nice lunch date too.

Visit them at 78 Airport Blvd., #02-216, Singapore 819666 and check out their menu and opening hours.

5. Snap some commemorative shots at a self photo studio

Self photo studio @ Photomatic

Self photo studios aren’t just for couple pictures! Bringing your friend (and their graduation outfit) to a self photo studio is a thoughtful graduation gift.

Most studios provide 15 minutes of unlimited shooting and a few hard and digital copies for $30-$40. You are also given full privacy when taking your shots so don’t be shy; go wild with the poses!

Check this comprehensive breakdown of a few popular photo studios in Singapore. For other photo studio recommendations, check out this link.

6. Give their tired muscles some TLC with a massage

Natureland massage

Picture taken from Natureland’s website.

For a relaxing graduation gift, treat them to a massage experience. It makes for a nice retreat before re-entering the busyness of their next stage of life.

Check out this list of massage places in Singapore.

7. Take a leap of faith with bungee jumping

Bungee Jumping Sentosa

Picture taken from Klook

For something on the other end of the relaxation spectrum, try bungee jumping!

The next season of life is bound to push your friends past their comfort zone. Kick-off the start of their new season with something crazy!

Klook offers tickets to AJ Hackett’s Bungee Jump at $79.00, and you can even use your SingapoRediscovers vouchers for it.

Check out Klook for more details.

8. Feel like a child again with tickets to Universal Studios Singapore


Picture taken from Klook

Before your friend heads into the workforce and climbs the corporate ladder, let them enjoy some fun and games by taking them to USS. A great graduation gift idea for a fun day out.

Check out tickets on Klook.

9. Admire the Arts by going to an art gallery or performance


Give your friend a cultural experience by visiting an art gallery or going for an upcoming performance. Be it dance, classical music or sculptures, there’s something up everyone’s alley.

Since many of these have free/affordably-priced admission fees, this is a good student-friendly option.

Here are some websites you can check out: Esplanade, Sistic, National Gallery, National Museum, ArtScience Museum, Gillman Barracks.

Nifty Tech gadgets

10. Home Projector

Projector Eksan

Picture taken from Shopee

For friends who love watching movies, a home projector is a great graduation gift if you have the extra cash to spend. They can spend their lazy days enjoying films at crisp 1080p resolution on a big screen.

The projector is wireless and supports a Wi-Fi connection too!

Check it out on Shopee Mall for $113.00.

11. Smartwatch/Fitness tracker

Blackdot smart watch

Picture taken from Shopee

For the fitness junkies! Different trackers provide different functions, but tracking heart rate, calories burned and sleep quality in real-time is sure to elevate your friend’s healthy lifestyle.

Check it out on Shopee Mall for $49.99.

12. Portable Speaker

Portable Speaker

Picture taken from Shopee

You can never go wrong with portable speakers. Great for jamming to the latest beats while still being small enough to carry around, this makes for a great graduation gift!

Check it out on Shopee Mall for $14.80.

 13. Google Nest

Google nest

Picture taken from Shopee

Who wouldn’t love a speaker that plays music and talks to you like a human? Upgrade your friend’s music-listening experience with the Google Nest.

Users can even buy multiple sets and create their own stereo all-around sound system in the house.

Check it out on Shopee Mall for $49.99.

 14. SSD drive


Picture taken from Shopee

Everyone could use extra storage space. Solid state drives (SSDs) are more expensive, but they are much less likely to crash than the traditional hard drive!

Especially suitable for friends going into design or video production.

Check this out on Shopee for $68.00.

15. Wireless earphones

Jabra earphones

Picture taken from Jabra Website

For friends who are still using wired earphones, a pair of wireless earphones is a great graduation gift idea!

If AirPods are a little out of your price range, Jabra’s Elite Active 65t is said to be a more affordable alternative, as recommended by Tom’s Guide.

Check it out on Shopee for $128.00.

16. Karaoke Set

Karaoke set

Picture taken from Jabra Website

Miss going to karaoke? Now, you and a friend can sing in the comfort of your own home!

Check it out on Shopee for $46.90-$62.90.

Thought-Provoking Books

17. Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

Designing your life

Sourced from Book depository

Post-graduation is a great time to start thinking about life’s biggest questions. Gift your friend some food-for-thought to get them thinking about theirs!

This book talks about how to use design thinking to create a life that is fulfilling, meaningful and productive.

Check it out on Book Depository for $24.64.

18. Why Didn’t They Teach Me This in School?: 99 Personal Money Management Principles to Live By

why didn't they teach me this in school

Picture taken from Book depository

The age-old question that every Singaporean student asks is, ‘Why do they teach us such impractical things? We won’t use Algebra in daily life anyway.’

This book will actually teach you useful money management skills! At just 188 pages, it’s an easy read that simplifies personal finance principles (unlike the lengthy, confusing stuff you find online).

Check it out on Book Depository for $23.88.

19. Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 535 Easy (ish) Steps

Book adulting

Picture taken from Book depository

What an apt title, right? Your friend will definitely laugh when they receive this as a graduation gift.

This book takes a more humorous approach on the prospect of adulting, but also gives useful advice on things every grown up will need.

Check it out on Book Depository for $21.35.

If you want more book recommendations, check out these 20 must-read self improvement books for any student.

For Rest and Relaxation

20. French Press

French press

Picture taken from Lazada

A french press is an easy way to brew ground coffee. Simply put your grounds in, pour hot water in, wait a few minutes and press down the filter screen.

A nice graduation gift for friends who enjoy a morning drink.

Check it out on Lazada for $17.90.

21. Bath Bombs

lush bath bomb

Picture taken from Shopee

If your friend has a bathtub or is going for a staycation, treat them to a relaxing soak with bath bombs. Smells great and looks amazing!

Check out the full range on Shopee Mall.

22. Disposable film camera

Disposable film camera

Picture taken from Shopee

Film photography is back in fashion! For friends who love taking pictures, film cameras make a great graduation gift.

The real fun is in developing the finished film roll — they can see the shots they took overtime and reminisce on those memories all at once, in vintage-style pictures.

Check this out on Shopee for $16.90.

23. Custard Donuts

Custard donuts

Picture taken from Puffs and Peaks’ website.

Get your friends some celebratory donuts as a graduation gift!

Puffs and Peaks makes amazing custard donuts that have just the right amount of sweetness (so it’s not too jelak).

They are so popular that they have weekly online pre-orders which usually get sold out on the day it launches.

Check out their available bakes on their website.

24. Candles

Yankee candles

Picture taken from Lazada

For nice relaxing naps, get your friend a lavender-scented candle! Lavender is known to increase relaxation and encourage sleep.

If your friend doesn’t like lavender, there are many other scents that Yankee Candle offers!

Check it out on Lazada for $14.80.

25. Weighted blanket

Weighted blanket

Picture taken from Shopee

Another way to elevate your friend’s sleep is to get them a weighted blanket. Designed to feel like a big hug, this will certainly give them a good night’s rest.

This would definitely make for a comfy graduation gift.

Check it out on Shopee Mall for $128.80 – $228.80.

Graduation gifts for guys at work

If your friend is soon stepping into the working world, you can get them a graduation gift that will get them looking smart for their first day of work.

26. Dress shoes

Pedro shoes

Picture taken from Pedro’s website

Dress shoes are essential in the workplace. Grab a few friends and pool some money together if it’s difficult to fund by yourself!

These Oxford shoes from Pedro are made with genuine leather, so you know you’re getting a quality graduation gift for your friend.

Check this out on their website for $129.90.

27. Watch

Fossil watch

Picture taken from Lazada

Let’s be real, most of us use our phones to tell the time. Nonetheless, nothing completes a look like a watch does!

This watch from Fossil looks classy and sleek without the hefty price tag. It’s also water-resistant!

Check this out on Lazada for $94.99.

28. Belt


Picture taken from Oxhide’s website

This belt from Singaporean brand Oxhide is reversible — one side is brown and the other is black, essentially a 2-in-1.

At just $26.90 on Shopee Mall, this is a real steal.

 29. Cologne


Picture taken from Kiehl’s website

As recommended by Brennan Kilbane, a senior writer at Allure, Kiehl’s original musk fragrance is an easily likeable scent for all. It’s not overpowering — it just makes you smell clean!

Check it out on Kiehl’s website for $84.00.

 30. Tie


Picture taken from H&M’s website

An essential for formal wear. This set from H&M comes in a 2-pack for $19.95, which is extra student-friendly.

Check this out on their website for $19.95.

For extra cheek, gift this to your guy friends with a guide on how to tie a tie. You’d be surprised at how many people still don’t know how to do it.

Graduation gifts for girls at work

 31. Heels


Heels are essential for female workwear. This pair of nude heels from Charles and Keith is a great example.

Covered-toed, built with an adjustable slingback for a secure fit and a chunky heel so it’s comfortable to walk in. Perfect for the future OLs amongst your graduated friends.

Check this out on their website for $49.90.

 32. Watch

Girl fossil watch

This watch from Fossil makes for a great daily watch. The mother-of-pearl interior adds a nice feminine touch!

Check this out on Lazada for $78.80.

33. Gold jewellery

Gold Jewellery

Picture taken from The Ordinary Co.’s website

For affordable demi-fine jewellery, check out The Ordinary Co.! They’re a local brand that offers a wide range of minimalistic jewellery.

A nice classy gift for graduating ladies.

Check their products out on their website.

 34. MLBB (My Lips But Better) lip colour

My Lips but better

‘My Lips But Better’ lip colours add a touch of colour to your lips without looking overly vibrant or flashy. It makes for a great versatile graduation gift!

Check this out on Lazada for $10.28.

 35. Perfume


Picture taken from Sephora Website

Rollerball perfumes are great for friends to test out a scent to see if they like it! They’re also portable, which is great for touch-ups throughout the day.

This perfume from Fresh is a timeless scent! Citrusy and not too sweet, so your friend will smell clean.

Check this out on Sephora for $32.00.

Graduation gifts for everyone!

 36. Customised notebook

Customised notebook

Picture taken from Shopee

For your friends to jot down their game-changing big ideas, get them a nice notebook customised with their name as a graduation gift.

Check it out on Shopee for $19.90-$24.80.

 37. Lanyard


Picture taken from Shopee

Carrying staff passes are much easier with a lanyard. This one from Shopee even has a zip at the side, so your friend can carry some spare change to grab a bite.

It’s also customisable — you can add a monogram of your friend’s name for a personal touch!

Check this out on Shopee for $22.00-$27.90.

38. Insulated bottle

Insulated bottle

Picture taken from Lazada

Insulated bottles are great not just for keeping water cold, but also for keeping morning drinks hot! A useful gift your graduating friend would love.

Check this out on Lazada for $23.90.

39. Card holder

Card holder

Picture taken from Lazada

Growing up also means signing up for more credit/debit cards from various banks. Help your friend keep track of them with a cardholder.

This one looks plain on the outside but has a vibrant surprise on the inside.

Check this out on Lazada for $10.30.

40. Gift cards

Grab card

Picture taken from Grab website

If you still don’t know what to get your friend, gift cards make the most flexible graduation gifts (aside from cash).  

Think Grab, Zalora or/and Sephora’s gift cards. They can never go wrong!

In conclusion…

Graduation is a big milestone in every student’s schooling life! Hopefully this guide has given you some thoughtful graduation gift ideas.

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