30 ways to spend the school holidays improving yourself

30 things to do during the school holidays to improve yourself

School’s out, and now it’s time for a break.

But if you are getting bored of doing nothing and binge-watching Netflix shows all day, then why not look for some ideas to make your holidays more productive?

To help you with that, we’ve put together a list of 30 things on how to spend your school holidays more effectively!

It includes things to do that are suitable for students still in lockdown, or for those who prefer to spend their holidays at home.

Read books

Reading books is a productive way to spend your vacation, and it’ll be good to read both fiction and non-fiction books from a wide range of genres.

If you’re not sure about which book to start, check out our list of recommended self-improvement titles!

Learn a new language

Head over to websites like DuoLingo to learn another language like Korean, Japanese, French and more!

You can also check out these flashcards applications that could help you with your language learning journey.

Take a online course

For a productive way to spend your holidays, you can look to start online courses!

There are plenty of free courses on various topics available on websites like Coursera, Linkedin Learning and Udemy.

Volunteer for a good cause

Spend your holidays doing something for a good cause by volunteering! Not only would you be able to help others, but it would also provide you with a meaningful experience.

You can help out at animal shelters or participate in programmes that help migrant workers, or look at our article to find more places to volunteer at!

Find a part-time job

Apart from being a productive way to spend your vacation, it helps you gain working experience, useful practical skills and earn a little bit of pocket money!

If you are keen on spending your summer vacation at home, you can search among the variety of online jobs available for students for a suitable one too.

Start on a side hustle

If you’ve always wanted to try being your own boss, unleash your inner entrepreneur and start up your own business during these holidays!

To get some inspiration and motivation, you can read this article on three students sharing their side hustle experiences.

Increase your vocabulary

Having a wide vocabulary range would be useful for students, so why not do so during school holidays!

You can visit websites like Vocabulary.com or search for other resources that’ll help with building your vocabulary.

Learn about new study techniques

Make use of the holidays by reading up on ways to up your study game for your next semester.

Our articles on revision techniques like the Pomodoro techniques and active note-taking methods would be great to start from!

Reflect on your previous performance in school

Think about what you have achieved in the previous school semester and what you can improve on from now on. This would be helpful in setting and working towards new academic or personal goals.

Plan for future career or school options

Consider potential job options or academic routes that you’ll like to take in the future.

You can spend time during the school holidays to research extensively for industry insights or possible education paths.

Or you could also reach out to people like school ECG counsellors or network on platforms like LinkedIn.

Join school programmes or competitions

Look for events that your school offers in which you can participate, for example, Hackathons or exchange programmes. By doing so, you’ll be able to gain memorable experiences and new knowledge.

Additionally, you’ll gain perks like being able to build your portfolio and gaining new connections.

Attend career fairs, workshops or events

You can search for upcoming career fairs and events held during your school vacation on career development websites to attend like SkillsFuture and WorkForce Singapore.

These events would motivate you on your future career goals and give you more information on industries you are interested in.

Brush up on your Microsoft Office skills

Having good technical skills in using Microsoft Office would be beneficial for school and for future professions.

Spend your time during the holidays by enhancing your skills on excel sheets or powerpoints, which you can learn from here.

Learn creative skills

You can even work on your creative skills by learning more about photography, photo and video editing or using graphic design software like Canva.

Learn how to code

Another interesting and useful skill would be coding!

You can sign up for physical holiday coding camps and workshops like at SGCodeCampus.

You can also look for online resources available like Codeacademy and freeCodeCamp to learn different coding languages, for example, Python and JavaScript.

Explore new places

Take yourself outside to visit new places with a curious mind.

For example, you can check out these unique vintage shops, or head over to museums to gain some knowledge and creative inspiration.

Improve your physical health

Take care of yourself by spending your holidays working towards your health or athletic goals.

Keeping up with a constant exercise routine and working on eating healthier would be good for improving your general well-being.

Even if you are a student still in lockdown or prefer to stay at home during this vacation, you can also stay productive with home workouts available online.

Pick up new hobbies

A productive way to spend your free time during the holidays would be to learn something new.

Take up a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try, like learning a new instrument, a new art form or others to cure your boredom.

Declutter and clean your study space

Prepare yourself for the next school semester by keeping your study space organised.

It would also be good to sort out all your school notes and materials as well as to tidy up your desk.

Start a personal blog or website

Sourced from Wix

Starting a blog or website is a fun and interesting way to exercise your writing and creativity skills.

Write about your passions and interests on blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr, or design websites and portfolios on Wix.

Improve your financial literacy

It is important to improve financial literacy which would be extremely beneficial now and in the future.

You can spend this school holiday picking up this valuable skill by learning about money-saving tips as a student or about investing in Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Read the news

A good practice to have during the school holidays is to keep yourself updated on current affairs, and you can do so by reading the latest news.

National Geographic and Channel News Asia are some examples that offer great articles to acquire new knowledge.

Watch educational documentaries and Youtube videos

An engaging way to learn would be through educational videos, and it’ll be good to spend your holidays productively watching and gaining learning insights.

You can head over to websites that offer collections of free documentaries or search up for videos on YouTube channels like CrashCourse or AsapScience.

Listen to educational podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to gain new insights on a whole range of subjects and topics while on the go or when you have free time at home.

Check out these lists of 13 Singaporean podcasts for youth and 10 educational podcasts that you would definitely want to listen to this school holiday!

Play brain games

Apart from being able to have fun while playing games, brain games help to refine your cognitive skills, like memory, problem-solving and many others.

You can use apps like Lumiosity or play board games like Chess and Scrabble that would help train your brain.

Fix your sleeping schedule

Busy schedules during the school term might have caused you to lose out on sleep, so you can spend the school holidays adjusting your sleeping times.

Ensure that you are having ample sleep with sleep trackers like Sleep Cycle. You can also read our article to learn more ways to aid you!

Go out and enjoy nature spaces

A study by the University of Exeter suggests that spending more than 120 minutes outside in nature increased the likelihood of experiencing good health and higher well-being.

With that, after being cooped up indoors studying for your exams, a great way to unwind during your school vacation would be to head out into nature!

Participate in environmental activities

With the increase of environmental issues like plastic pollution, take small actions to help the environment by trying activities to educate you about being eco-friendly.

You can start by checking out upcycling DIY projects online or looking out for more informative environmental events on LepakinSG during the school holidays.

Catch up with friends and family

During your free time while on school vacation, it is good to spend more time with your friends and family and bond with them through various activities.

Start journaling

Journalling is a good activity when staying at home during your school vacations. It provides many mental health benefits and is a good habit that helps you organise your thoughts.

You can learn how to start a physical journal here, or turn to journal apps like DayOne.

Final Notes

We hope that this list of ideas would give you some inspiration on how to spend your holidays.

Holidays are meant for you to recharge before school resumes, so remember to strike a balance of being productive and taking a well-deserved break.

We hope that you’ll have a fruitful and enjoyable school vacation! Be sure to follow us on our Instagram, Linkedin and Telegram Channel for more content.