20 vintage shops in Singapore to up your fashion game [Updated Aug 2021]

by | Aug 6, 2021

It’s easy to notice on Instagram or Pinterest that fashion trends are like clockwork; it feels like we are going back in time with them.

Styles always seem to come back without fail. We see the halter tops from the 90s, the prairie, ‘cottagecore’ dresses from the 70s and the rock band shirts from the early 2000s, being worn by many today.

Vintage shopping accelerates the process of going back in time, and helps us easily find our styles. (plus it’s sustainable!)

This is why in this article, Studyramen has found 20 vintage shops in Singapore to get vintage clothes, or vintage-styled clothes. They include physical and online stores to cater to your own shopping preferences.

Vintagekwnd founder

Sourced from @vintagewknd

Type of store: Online and Retail
Location: 50 Serangoon North Ave 4, First Centre, #08-08, Singapore 555856
Opening time: Every Fri 5.30pm – 9.30pm, Sat and Sun 12pm – 7pm (RVSP needed)
Price range: S$25 – S$50
Why we love it: Unique Style | Reworked Pieces

Vintagekwnd clothes

Sourced from @vintagewknd

One of the most well-known vintage shops situated in Singapore, Vintagewknd carries bright and colourful reworked vintage pieces in their shop.

They have collections from tie-dye fashion to patchwork, to even pieces that remind us of childhood cartoons and comics (we really love the Archie comics collection)!

 2. nonmainstream

nonmainstream store

Sourced from @nonmainstream

Type of store: Online and Retail
Location: 462A Crawford Ln, #02-73, Singapore 191462
Opening time: Most weekends 1pm – 7pm; other opening times listed on Instagram bio
Price range: T-shirts from S$20-S$50, outerwear from S$40-S$65
Why we love it: Stylish | Hip Pieces

nonmainstream's shop

Sourced from @nonmainstream

Nonmainstream stocks meticulously curated pieces of vintage and pre-loved clothing, from windbreakers, pullovers to graphic tees.

Customers can find a sizable range of brands like Nike, Champion and Tommy Hilfiger in their outlet!

 3. Flame Vintage (flam3v)

Street essentials

Sourced from @flam3v

Type of store: Retail
Location: 67 Haji Lane
Opening time: 12pm – 9pm daily
Price range: from ~S$35
Why we love it: Streetstyle | Vintage Looks

Flame vintage pictures of models

Sourced from @flam3v

Like nonmainstream, Flame Vintage is one of those vintage shops that carries authentic vintage clothes that are hard to come by nowadays. Their meticulously sourced vintage pieces are perfect for streetwear.

This vintage shop also has a telegram channel you can check out.

 4. Spruce

Spruce co-founder

Sourced from @thesprucestore

Type of Store: Online
Price range: from S$30 – S$50
Why we love it: Versatile | Sweet

Spruce black clothes

Sourced from @thesprucestore

Spruce is the shop for cottagecore lovers out there! Their chiffon skirts and maxi dresses are so dreamy, they certainly are must-gets!

5. The Curve Cult

thecurvecult Founders

Sourced from @thecurvecult

Type of store: Online and retail
Location: #05-126, Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213
Opening time: 12pm – 8pm daily
Price range: from S$24 -S$85
Why we love it: Modern Touch | Trendy

curvecult red dress

Sourced from @thecurvecult

The Curve Cult aims to help women unleash their confidence through their motto: “breaking barriers”.

Their beautiful clothes cater to plus-sized women. They have trendy puff-sleeved tops and off-shoulder dresses that are reminiscent of the 50s and 60s! Find out more on their website!

6. Selfievintage

selfievintage clothes

Sourced from @selfievintage

Type of store: Online
Price range: from S$28
Why we love it: 90s Fashion | Pop of Color

Selfievintage dresses

Sourced from @selfievintage

Selfievintage holds authentic, carefully curated vintage pieces in their store.

As their slogan mentions, their loveable, floral blouses and dresses certainly “brings [us] a piece of the past”!

7. vtg.kye

vtg,kye shirts

Sourced from @vtg.kye

Type of store: Online
Price range: mostly ~$30 to S$50
Why we love it: Streetstyle | Oversized Essentials

vtg.kye tie-dyed shirts

Sourced from @vtg.kye

You will be spoilt for choice when shopping at @vtg.kye! Their collection spans from simple graphic tees to name-brand windbreakers, to even caps!

We like how they provide promotional discounts to their customers too. Check out their Telegram for more!

8. Sunkissed Oranges

Sunkissedoranges skirts

Sourced from @Sunkissedoranges

Type: Online
Price range: from S$20
Why we love it: Edgy | Feminine Twist

sunkissedoranges y2k

Sourced from @Sunkissedoranges

One of the more edgy vintage shops in Singapore, Sunkissed Oranges is passionate about sustainable fashion, and focused on passion on bringing us a beautiful, green thrift store!

They carry a range of favourites like camis, halter tops and mini skirts in their shop!

9. Fuwarishop

fuwarishop crop top

Sourced from @fuwarishop

Type of store: Online
Price range: from ~S$10 to ~S$50
Why we love it: Unique Pieces| Reworked

Fuwarishop brings the 90s to Y2K fashion back in line in their shop with their bright colour scheme.

For those who dream of having the Bratz Doll-esque, fun, vibrant look, this shop is certainly the one that will bring the dreams to life!

fuwarishop shirt

Sourced from @fuwarishop

10. jollyboys.vtg

jollyboysvtg shirts

Sourced from @jollyboys.vtg

Type: Online
Price range: from S$30
Why we love it: Hip Pieces | Stylish Drops

@jollyboys.vtg rewinds time back to the early 2000s with their vast range of graphic tees in their store!

They survey their customers’ preferences through their Instagram stories and put in maximum effort to bring them what they want!

jigglyboysvtg oversized shirts

Sourced from @jollyboys.vtg

11. jiggythings.vtg

jigglythings shirt

Sourced from @jiggythings.vtg

Type of store: Online
Price range: ~S$30
Why we love it: Streetstyle | Urban

@jiggythings.vtg stocks a myriad of thrifted vintage clothes in their shop.

One can find windbreakers, pullovers and shirts from sport brand favourites like Fila, Puma, and Adidas. Ramp up your jacket game with them!

jigglythings yale sweatshirt

Sourced from @jiggythings.vtg

12. Refash

refash clothes

Sourced from @refash

Type of store: Online and retail
Locations: in many malls islandwide, e.g. Eastpoint Mall, Westgate, Orchard Gateway
Opening time: varies according to stores, mostly 11am to 9pm
Price range: ~S$10 to S$30
Why we love it: In Trend | Chic

Although not entirely a vintage shop, Refash is the place to buy and sell pre-loved pieces, which includes vintage-style favourites like high waisted jeans, culottes, halter tops!

We love how they are dotted around Singapore in familiar malls; it makes it so convenient to get our ideal outfits whenever, wherever we want!

refash design

Sourced from @refash

13. houseofvtg

houseofvtg sweatshirt

Sourced from @houseofvtg

Type: Online
Price range: ~S$25 – S$50
Why we love it: Staples | Minimalist Touch

@houseofvtg on Instagram is the stop for those who love stylish pullovers, sweaters and oversized polos. 

Stand out in any destination you go as their clothing easily matches with any outfit!

houseofvtg nike jacket

Sourced from @houseofvtg

14. Kirliawears

Type: Online
Price range: ~S$15 – S$30
Why we love it: Indie | Cottage core

kirlirawears skirts

Sourced from @kirliawears

One of those up and coming vintage shops, @Kirliawears features a variety of vintage items.

Check them out during their curated drops where they have unique second-hand items at affordable prices!

kirliawears a skirt

Sourced from @kirliawears

15. Ahma.thrifts

Type: Online
Price range: ~S$15 – S$30
Why we love it: Feminine Edge | Basic Pieces

ahma thrifts clothes

Sourced from @ahma.thrifts

True to its name, @ahma.thrifts features a selection of oversized tees with a feminine twist.

If you enjoy styling oversized tees but street style isn’t for you, check out her shop for more!

ahma thrifts clothes

Sourced from @ahma.thrifts

16. Thallos.robes

Type: Online
Price range: ~S$20 – S$40
Why we love it: Vintage Styles | Blush Tones

thallosrobes dress

Sourced from @thallos.robes

@Thallos.robes curates a number of vintage pieces that are sure to catch your eye.

Full of dreamy floral prints, this shop is a go-to if you want to channel your inner fairy!

thallosrobes clothes

Sourced from @thallos.robes

17. Daisypasie

Type: Online
Price range: ~S$25 – S$100
Why we love it: Cottage Core | Dainty Pieces

daisypasie dress

Sourced from @daisypasie

A household name in the thrift community, @Daisypasie has made a name for herself.

Her shop features dresses, tops, skirts and more. Many items being a cottage core lover’s dream!

daisypaisie cottagecore

Sourced from @daisypasie

18. Function Five Thrift Shop

Type: Online and retail
Location: 751 North Bridge Road, 02-01
Opening time: 12pm – 9pm daily
Price range: ~S$5-S$25
Why we love it: Budget-Friendly | Stylish Essentials

functionfive clothes rack

Sourced from @ffivethriftshop

As its name goes, at Function Five Thrift Shop, items are priced strictly at $5-$25 only, a rare find for streetwear lovers.

Do check out their Instagram, @ffivethriftshop where they often have ongoing promotions on items.

functionfive clothes

Sourced from @ffivethriftshop

19. fatboyelton

Type: Online and retail
Location: 1 Thomson Road, #01-342A
Opening time: 12pm – 7pm daily
Price range: ~S$40-S$60
Why we love it: Oversized Pieces | Retro

fatboyelton shirts

Sourced from @fatboyelton

@Fatboyelton specializes in curating vintage and retro items that range from oversized tees to windbreakers.

If you’re into street style, this vintage shop is definitely worth checking out.

fatboyelton oversized shirts

Sourced from @fatboyelton

20. Loopgarms

Type: Online and retail
Location: 635 Veerasamy Rd, #01-148, Singapore 200635
Opening time: 12pm – 7:30pm daily
Price range: ~S$30 – S$60
Why we love it: Unique Pieces | Vintage Drops

loopgarms shirt

Sourced from @loopgarms

A staple in the thrift scene, @loopgarms is well known by many.

Through their curation of various vintage tees and jackets, you’ll definitely find items worth bringing home.

Loop garms denim

Sourced from @loopgarms

Vintage is the new black

Fashion is a way of self-expression, and style is the tool to help you achieve it.

We hope that this list of places to buy vintage clothes has helped you with your search for your favourite look!

Grab a friend and snap some shots of your fits.

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