15 online jobs for students in Singapore to earn money

by | Jul 26, 2021

Having lived through a pandemic for the last year and a half, I think we can all agree that we’ve had to spend more time at home than ever before.

With staying at home becoming the norm, it’s no wonder that there’s been a significant increase in the search for online jobs, especially amongst students.

If you’re a student wondering how you can earn money online, you’ve come to the right place.

StudyRamen has compiled a list of 15 online jobs suitable for students, all to be done from your own desk, right at home.

Freelance writer's computer

Freelance writing is extremely popular when it comes to online jobs for students because of how easily accessible and personalized it can be.

Due to the high demand for freelance writing, there are many areas you can choose to specialize in.

They can range from general content such as lifestyle articles to specific topics such as opinion pieces, the list is endless.

Rates can vary from $10-$50 onwards per article so if you enjoy writing and are confident in your command of the language, this is a part-time job online that you can check out.

As a freelancer, it’s up to you to price your own skills. This article by Ladders goes into more detail on how to price yourself correctly especially if you’re new to the market.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are some of the biggest platforms used by freelancers globally. It’s easily accessible especially for students like you looking for jobs online.

Another idea is to look at entrepreneurship communities in your school. It’s likely that you’ll find opportunities there as well!

Alternatively, you can volunteer to write for us here at StudyRamen. Here, remuneration is offered after a set number of articles. For more details, you can contact us here!

2.) Freelance Editor

If you have a good eye for grammar but freelance writing isn’t your thing, you can consider taking up freelance editing.

As an editor, you are required to proofread and edit writing mistakes made by clients to prepare their pieces for publication.

These mistakes could be grammar errors, sentence structure, punctuations and more so you should have a basic command of the language before taking up any editing job.

Freelance editors usually charge at an hourly rate and make an average of $20 per hour.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are some of the biggest platforms used by freelancers globally.

If this role interests you, OutandBeyond has an article explaining how she became a freelance editor without any prior experience as well. This goes to show that even as a student, this part-time job could be one worth considering.

3.) Freelance Graphic Design

While it may not be as accessible as freelance writing due to some software needed, graphic design is another creative industry where popularity is rising amongst students online as well.

You can choose to specialize in your own art style and design sense.

Graphic designers do everything from creating visual concepts to hand drawing layouts and designs needed by their clients.

Rates can vary from $15 per hour to hundreds per project due to the different types of job scopes and projects in design.

This article by Shillington introduces tips on how to price yourself as a freelance graphic designer.

Sites like Fiverr and Upwork are some of the biggest platforms used by freelancers globally.

4.) Freelance Video Editing

Tweet by cody

What if I told you that you could edit the same YouTube videos you enjoy watching?

Many YouTubers often outsource editing their videos to freelance editors.

These editors are often fans of those creators themselves as Youtubers prefer editors who are familiar with their editing style and video format. If you’re already following your favourite creators on their social media, why not reach out with an offer to work for them?

Of course, freelance video editing isn’t just limited to YouTube alone. Many brands hire freelance editors for advertisements, promotional videos and more.

If you have access to software such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro and have a good eye for a well-flowing video, this online job could be suitable for you even as a student.

While the usual hourly rate for a video editor in Singapore is around $15, Frame.io recommends this article about pricing your freelance editing services.

5.) Selling Illustrations to Canva

Not to be confused with freelance graphic design where your work is usually commissioned by a client, selling your designs online allows you to sell your illustrations directly to the public.

These illustrations could be graphics, fonts or even 3D assets. This usually requires less skill than freelance graphic design as sites like Canva usually prefer more minimalistic and simple designs.

TheSideBlogger talks about how she barely had any graphic design knowledge yet still managed to make at least $100 within her first month.

Now, she’s making at least $800 a month from 10-20 hours a month designing. If you’re a student and this is an online job that interests you, you can sign up with Canva.

6.) Online Tutoring

iPad writing notes

Photo by CardMapr.nl on Unsplash

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to excel at a particular subject in order to teach it.

While you should have a good grasp of the subject, what matters most is how you engage your tutee and make the learning points digestible for them as emphasized by Tutorconnect’s Essential Qualities of a Tutor.

With more parents choosing to opt for online tutoring, this has become one of the higher paying online jobs for students in Singapore.

Rates can range from $20 per hour and above based on your qualifications.

Telegram channels such as NanyangTuitionJobs, SG Tuition Assignments and Tuition Jobs SG post multiple openings daily that you should check out.

7.) Focus Groups

While you may feel that you’re at a disadvantage because you’re only a student, you are exactly what some focus groups are looking for.

Focus groups are group interviews done to carry out research about a particular group of people such as students like you.

Interviews are mostly done online and remuneration can be between $50-$100 and more. These interviews can also take around anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

You can check out Facebook groups such as Focus Group Singapore and Focus Group and Survey Lobang for future focus group opportunities. Telegram channels like Surveys & Focus Groups and Focus Group Sg also offer the same opportunities for you to make money online as a student.

8.) Social Media Influencer

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While some may scoff at the idea, the term social media influencer has grown to be much more than the occasional post promoting a beauty or lifestyle product.

Being an influencer involves curating your own content, growing an audience and most importantly, building your personal branding.

Brands can pay upwards of $200 and more for every sponsored post once you start having a significant following, usually 1000 followers and above.

It’s important to note that not all ‘influencers’ fall solely under the umbrella of beauty and lifestyle.

The rise of social media applications such as TikTok has changed the game with its algorithm, making growing your account easier than ever before.

Find your niche and your audience will grow eventually.

9.) Selling Study Notes/Guides

If you find yourself struggling to maintain other forms of income because of your time spent focused on school, why not combine the best of both worlds and sell your own study notes?

It’s hard to believe but the hours spent slogging away on your study notes and guides can be worth more than you think.

This article by Scribbr goes into more detail about what a good set of study notes consists of -it’s more than just copying off a textbook!

Sites such as Zookal and Thinkswap are platforms created for Singaporean students just to buy and sell their own study notes.

You can also list your notes on local sites such as Carousell for easier facilitation. A direct way to earn money online as a student in Singapore!

10.) Stock Photography

Have an interest in photography? Then selling your photographs or videos to stock photo websites could be one way of earning money online as a student.

If you’re interested in this but have little background in photography, you can also check out the top 20 Photography Courses in Singapore, many of which are budget-friendly options for students.

You can pursue your passion and make some money online, the best of both worlds for students like you.

Simply put, it’s the license of the photograph being sold, meaning one image can be purchased multiple times by different clients.

You can set your prices for each image based on factors such as its professionalism, how it will be used and more as listed in this Guide to Selling Stock Photography by Pixpa.

Sites such as iStockPhoto and Alamy are highly recommended especially for beginners in stock photography and are worth checking out!

11.) Online Business – Creating/Curating Your Own Products

Apps like Instagram and TikTok have made setting up and growing your own business easier than ever as proven by the huge increase of local online businesses we’ve seen this past year.

Some notable local online businesses include names such as @daisypasie, @peachyuwu.co as well as @fourth.orbit, all of whom specialize in and have their own niches be it thrifted clothing, accessories, and even home decor.

Some of them such as @daisypasie were students themselves when they first started their online business.

A homegrown business is one that needs to be nurtured over time so it may be a while before you start to see a steady flow of income.

That being said, if you are someone with the passion and drive to run your own business, this will definitely be a fulfilling experience for you.

12.) Online Business – Dropshipping Products

Girl studying diligently

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

If you don’t have the time to curate your own products for your store and are still interested in running your own store, consider dropshipping products as a way of income online for students like you.

Dropshipping products involves purchasing the item from a third party like a supplier and shipping the item directly to the customer.

This way, the seller is not required to handle the packing or shipping process, saving a good amount of time. A suitable business model for students handling academics while running an online business.

Shops using this dropshipping model tend to make large amounts of profit within a short amount of time.

One such example would be this video by SaraFinance in which she tries out the dropshipping model and makes over $200 in sales within the same week.

Shopify is a go-to site recommended by most drop shippers.

While the profit margin can vary largely depending on your product, running a business using this model is a way of income online you can consider.

13.) Transcription Services

A transcription service involves turning speech into written or electronic text.

You will listen to clients’ audio recordings and type out text to be sent back to them.

A simple and straightforward way for students like you to make money online.

Rates for transcribing on most platforms are mostly charged per minute. This could range from 0.20-$1.10 s a minute adding to $12 an hour at the minimum.

Some sites recommended for offering transcription services include sites such as QA World, Rev, and TranscribeMe.

These sites hold their transcribers to a high standard and even have compulsory entry tests for those interested in working with them.

14.) Translation Services

Looking at a facebook page

If you happen to be fluent in more than one language which the majority of Singaporean students are, this online job could be the one for you.

Whether it’s your mother tongue or a language you’ve taken up on the side, there are clients and companies that are willing to pay for your translation services.

Most translation services pay per word while a few are paid by the hour. The average rate is usually $0.05 or $0.15 per word.

While that amount may seem little, most freelance translators report translating an average of 2000 words a day which comes out to around $200 for every completed piece of work.

Sites such as Translate and Fiverr are recommended for those interested in offering translation services.

15.) Social Media Management

Social media managers help their clients build a presence on social media – something almost all students know how to do.

These clients can be small startups, big companies or even individuals looking to build a platform on social media.

After helping your clients build an audience, it is your job to then engage and produce content to encourage more growth and interaction.

The hourly rates for social media managers can vary depending on the size of your client as well as your experience.

Most beginners charge at a rate of $15-$20 an hour, a decent amount of money to be made online as a student.

Jeff Bowdoin goes into more detail regarding the usual rates and clientele. Some sites you can use to find clients in need of a social media manager would be Fiverr and Upwork.

And that’s it!

We hope this list has provided you with more options you can consider taking up as means of making some money on the side while schooling as a student in Singapore.

The skills needed of most, if not all options listed here are extremely adaptable and can be added to resumes or job applications – a useful tip for all students!

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