15 Local Studygrams to follow for motivation!

local studygrams for motivation

Have you been lacking the motivation to study lately?

Apart from methods to get you motivated or motivational quotes, if you’re looking for another place of inspiration and productivity then the #sgstudygram community might help you!

In this article, we feature local studygrammers as they share more about their study accounts on Instagram!

What is a Studygram?

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

Studygram combines the words “study” and “Instagram”.

With social media applications having a bad reputation for distracting students from their studies, studygrams use social media for lofty purposes like increasing study motivation.

Studygram users document their study journey through posts of notes, planners and study tips or progress on their Instagram accounts.

A positive and supportive community, studygrams bring you motivation and is also a place to look for support, advice and to share your struggles when you study.

Want to learn more about Singaporean studygrams?

We interviewed 15 studygram account owners to learn more about their accounts and why they’ve started them.


@studyiora on Instagram

“I started @studyiora in July last year, and have been in the studygram community for almost 3 years.

I created this studygram to not only motivate myself to study but others too. I would consider my content aesthetics to be of a neutral aesthetic.

Apart from studying, I also occasionally post lifestyle and journaling related content!”

You can check out her other socials here!


@studyrui on Instagram

“I started my studygram in October 2020! I had actually shifted from a journaling account and I decided to do so so that I could focus on O Levels.

However, I didn’t really post much until May 2021. I don’t really have a theme, I just post pictures of my desk that I like whenever I feel like it!

My favourite types of pictures to post are ones that capture the early morning sunlight :)”

You can check out her other socials here!


@yueminie on Instagram

“I started my studygram around early 2020 as my friends said I had nice handwriting.

After which, I decided to open my Youtube channel in late October 2020 as I had filmed too many study time-lapses and wanted to compile them together.

My studygram is based on study tips and tricks to help students improve their grades.”

You can also check out her study youtube channel!


@evenstill_ on Instagram

“I’m Kerris, 16 this year and I own @evenstill__ on Instagram, and “study w Kerris” on telegram!

I started a studygram early this year as I wanted to motivate others to study, as well as keep myself on track.

And true to that, I was able to engage an audience, and we helped each other with our studies.

Content-wise I post a lot of study Timelapses, as it helps motivate others! I also post quotes and content that would encourage my followers to pick up their pens and get productive.”

Check out her other socials here!


@spudstudy on Instagram

“I started in June 2018 but only posed regularly in December that year.

I decided to start a study channel because I wanted to give Singaporean students a relatable experience, seeing that there were not many Singaporean study content creators.

My content centres around my school struggles and generally a very messy concept (basically me showing the reality of school).”

You can also check out her study youtube channel!


@bingsouffle on Instagram

“Hi, guys! I started my studygram during 2021, my A-level year because I’d seen other such accounts and thought that maybe if I romanticised the act of studying, I’d grow to find it more bearable (it kind of worked).

And so my studygram is an archive; a small, public diary of my journey through A-levels:”)”


@mlkboba on Instagram

“I first started this account during the circuit breaker period in 2020, around March/April. I was first introduced to the studygram community by my sister, and I was really inspired by her.

I started this studygram as I hope that it would make me more motivated and disciplined in my academics.

On my study account, I post content like handwritten notes and journal spreads along with some random pictures of my desk.”

You can also check out her other socials here!


@huihuistudies on Instagram

“I started this account when preparing for uni and my content aesthetic is just a romanticised version of my study life.

I took a gap year after JC so I didn’t know anyone who would be entering my course and since classes were all online it was harder to make friends and have people around to motivate you!

Starting a studygram was a way to motivate myself and find support from others!”


@ipromiseillstudy on Instagram

“I started my studygram on 27 March 2020, right before prelims in Secondary 4. I was really struggling to discipline myself to study.

So, I decided to create a study account to encourage myself, hence my username “I promise I’ll study!”

On my account, I post photos of my notes, stationery, and study area, sticking to a neat, pastel aesthetic.”


@darsbyhan on Instagram

“I started my studygram in mid-2018, because I saw studytubers/studygrammers back then posting about studying-related things such as productivity and stationeries. That enticed me to start a studygram.

My aesthetic is very versatile, even after four years, as I am constantly experimenting with new photo and video editing styles, that range from bright and colourful to plain and minimalistic.”

You can also check out his study youtube channel here!


@mikie.motivation on Instagram

“Hello! I go by many names, but on this platform I’m Mikie. I started my account on 1 Jan 2021.

I started my account to give myself something to invest my energy in, and take my mind off all the stress and hopefully make someone’s day a little better along the way too.

My content ranges from lettering to desk setup to lifestyle content, and even food pictures.”


@hamsterinnotes on Instagram

“Hi I’m hamsterinotes~ I’m not a hamster page but a studygram!

I started my account back in late 2018-early 2019 and back then, the pretty and inspiring posts in the studygram community caught my eye.

My go to aesthetic would be golden hour and earthy tones. I enjoy a mix of minimalism and maximalism, be it in terms of how I photograph or how I edit my photos.”


@yeoldaeng on Instagram

“I started my account in mid-2020! It was my A level year so I wanted to feel motivated by others to study and record my progress to share.

It feels less lonely studying so long when you have a place to tell about what you worked on and improve!

I guess I would describe my account as just chaotic. I try not to fuss too much about how my feed looks because the main point of this account is just to be raw anyway.”

You can also check out her youtube channel here!


@daintaey on Instagram

“Daintaey was started in around May 2021. I initially started a studygram as HBL was just announced, and my Chinese O Levels were looming around the corner.

Hence, to try to keep myself motivated, and to motivate others, I started a studygram!

I mainly post minimalistic pictures of my desk, what I’m studying and study time lapses.”

You can find her other socials here!


@studryl on Instagram

“Hello! I’m @studryl, a studygram account that started on 20th May 2019 with the support of my family and friends.

With the intention to provide aesthetic yet motivational content, I post study videos, techniques, notes and lifestyles that reflect my experiences as a student.

I hope @studryl can be a platform that continues to inspire, and also brings out the best in people during their studies.”

Final Notes

We hope this article has inspired you to start a studygram of your own!

Feel free to creatively express the way you study and don’t feel pressured to do what other accounts do if it does not suit you!

Aside from studygrams, you could also check out these self-care accounts.

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