13 Interesting Singapore Podcasts for the Young at heart

Interesting Singapore podcasts

Want to make better use of your Spotify subscription?

Besides listening to music, Singaporeans have been starting to use podcasts to learn, catch up on the latest news and for entertainment! There are also Singapore podcasts that answer taboo or controversial questions that you can listen to in private without needing to feel awkward.

This article presents Singapore podcasts that are currently topping the local Spotify charts. In this list, you can find 13 podcasts relevant and beneficial to students!

Let’s talk CPF

Let's Talk CPF podcast

The first podcast we think will be relevant to students is Let’s Talk CPF, a Singapore podcast that educates on Central Provident Fund (CPF) and financial planning, to help Singaporeans prepare for their future.

Did you know the best age to buy life insurance is when you’re in your 20s? Don’t worry, I’m not trying to sell you insurance. The point is, knowledge in financial planning is important from a young age!

Useful episodes for you:

  1. Starting early in financial planning

Great Eastern’s Head of Agency Business Development, Glenn Yong explains why people wish they started earlier and share financial tips for young adults in Singapore through this podcast.

  1. Money Tips for Millennials

In this podcast episode, CEO and CIO of MoneyOwl, Chuin Ting Weber, dishes out financial tips for Singaporean millennials on how to save better like having a Bad Mood Fund and a good ratio of your income to keep for rainy days.

The Financial Coconut

First Financial literacy Podcast

Another podcast on the Spotify charts teaching financial planning is The Financial Coconut. With content curated uniquely for Singaporeans, this podcast shares the best financial practices and strategies you can adopt!

If you want to earn passive income but don’t know where to start, this podcast is the perfect place. Need money to invest? We got you too: 15 online jobs for students in Singapore

Useful episodes for you:

  1. The Easiest Way to Start Investing:

With an extensive list of options out there, investing could be overwhelming. This episode discusses good investment choices and factors to consider when investing.

  1. How to Eradicate Impulse Buying Once and For All

How often do you regret splurging on an item? This episode offers solutions to help eradicate the root of impulse buying!

The Woke Salaryman Podcast

The Woke Salaryman Podcast

Hosted by Ruiming and Wei Choon, the same team behind “The Woke Salaryman” webcomics, this podcast discusses personal finance, investments, careers and more. With just 4 episodes to date, they are already topping the Singapore Spotify Podcast charts!

Perhaps owing to their comic-writing background, this podcast aims to make personal finance easy and entertaining for everyone. This makes it a great podcast for Singapore students who wish to pick up financial literacy with a splash of fun.

Useful episodes for you:

  1. Our analysis on Netflix’s Squid Game, as two personal finance enthusiasts

[ Spoiler Alert! ] In Squid Game, Gi Hun the winner, brings home 45.6 billion won but as we know, pretty much left it untouched. This podcast offers him advice on how he can better manage his money for season 2!

  1. The FIRE Movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

Through this episode, you can learn how you can retire as early as in your 30s or 40s.

Sex & Singapore City

Sex & Singapore City Podcast

Moving on from financial planning, the Sex & Singapore City podcast provides resources and answers to relationships, sex and love.

We may have many unanswered questions related to relationships because it is not in our culture to discuss them. Not to fret, we can trust Nixalina Watson to tackle the unspoken in sex and relationships in Singapore, through this unfiltered podcast on Spotify!

Useful episodes for you:

  1. The Recovery & Road to Happiness After a Toxic Relationship

Nixalina shares her personal experience in a toxic relationship and tips she learned from her journey.

  1. She said, He said – We Need to Talk About Contraception

Nixalina and her guest inform the pros and cons of each contraception and the dangers of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Something Private

Something Private Podcast

This next Spotify podcast caters to a female audience, featuring stories from gynaecologists, experts and host Nicole. Nicole strives to remove the stigma surrounding sexual wellness and focuses on topics usually avoided at dining tables.

Through her chart-topping Spotify podcast, Nicole empowers and offers beneficial advice to young women.

Useful episodes for you:

  1. The Elephant in the Room Isn’t Me, It’s Your Fat Shaming

In this judgmental society, learn how we can deal with body image issues and not let unwarranted comments from relatives during the holidays break our festive mood.

  1. On Adulting, Love and Health with Narelle Kheng

Joined by the singer and mental health advocate Narelle Kheng, Nicole discusses adulting, relationships and how to take care of ourselves.

Hush Podcast

Hush Podcast

Singapore Radio DJs Germaine Tan, Hazelle Teo and Azura Goh gather at Hush Podcast to discuss relationships, health and wellness. Going beyond Singapore’s Spotify charts, Hush is popular in New Zealand and the Philippines too!

Their episodes dig into topics pertinent to our stage of life including relationships, mental health and career decisions.

Useful episodes for you:

  1. Keeping our mental health in check during this pandemic

This episode dives deeper into mental health and shares how we can take care of ourselves better during this pandemic.

If you are feeling stressed and need someone to talk to, counsellors are available at affordable rates.

  1. Career choices – what we want to be versus what our parents want

Singaporean parents are known to have a rigid concept of a “successful career”. Listen to how the hosts dealt with their parents’ expectations and how they got to where they are!

Supernatural Confessions

Supernatural confessions podcast

Hosted and produced by SPH radio personality Tim Oh, the podcast spooks their Spotify audience with true ghost stories and superstitions from Singapore and South-East Asia. If you fancy spooky stories, this one’s for you!

Useful episodes for you:

  1. The Teacher who wouldn’t believe

Are ghosts real? What happens when we dismiss the existence of spirits?

  1. Possessed and the Phantom Colleague

A Taoist priest is invited to share what the Chinese 7th Month is all about while other guests recount their experiences of being possessed.

The More Better Podcast

the more better podcast

The More Better Podcast invites guests from all walks of life, from Singaporean politician Dr Chee Soon Juan to Ah Boys to Men star Tosh Rock. Hosted by your trusty Singaporean stand-up comedian Fakkah Fuzz, this is your go-to Spotify podcast for some laughter.

Useful episodes for you:

  1. Dr Chee Soon Juan

Dr Chee talks about his challenges and his life story aside from politics

  1. Tosh Rock

Tosh Rock enlivens the studio with talks on music, Netflix, boxing and personal growth.

Yah Lah But…

Yah Lah But podcast

Branding their podcasts as “ the most uncensored conversations and interviews to ever come out of the much-censored country of Singapore”, Haresh & Terrence from YouTube Channel Ministry of Funny bring to you discussions on the latest buzz in Singapore.

Useful episodes for you:

  1. Opposition MP Raeesah Khan admits to lying in Parliament & Elon Musk ends world hunger

Listen to how Singaporeans are reacting to MP Raeesah Khan’s case and together with Yah Lah But’s hosts, investigate whether Elon Musk was serious about his tweet to end world hunger!

  1. Healthcare workers to receive $4k reward & F45 studio posts racially-insensitive video

This podcast episode delves into the pay of Singaporean healthcare workers and addresses the recently surfaced racially insensitive gestures.


In my opinion podcast

Whether it is light-hearted trivia or serious events, IMO sparks questions and conversations around them. Although the Singaporean podcast hosts have admitted that the heavy topics sometimes take a toll on them, they believe these topics need to be brought up.

Useful episodes for you:

  1. Answering Love Questions on NUS Whispers

The IMO hosts read love questions on anonymous confession pages and share what they would do if they were in their position.

  1. Stories From A Sexual Assult Survivor

A personal favourite of the hosts, this podcast episode aims to educate Singaporeans and allow other survivors to find solidarity.

City Music Singapore

City music podcasts

The City Music Singapore podcast will help you discover obscure local talent to spice up your music playlists. They are also joined by guests who teach listeners how to make their own music!

Useful episodes for you:

  1. Coming up with Coming Up Roses

For those interested in composing, this episode features local band Coming Up Roses, who shared their secrets on how they write their tracks.

  1. Ableton Lesson with Syafiq Halid

For those who want tips on Ableton, check this episode out!

CNA Heart of the Matter

Heart of the Matter Podcast

Keeping up with the current news and knowing how to make sense of them can support your learning in school. The CNA Heart of the Matter podcast dives deeper into Singapore’s headlines and offers their take on news developments.

Useful episodes for you:

  1. Schools and stress: A tangled web involving parents, academic pressure and so much more

Talk about mental health has been in the spotlight since the death at River Valley High School, but are the suggested solutions sufficient? What are some ways you can relieve school stress?

  1. Singapore Taxi drivers: A front row seat to life in a pandemic

COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of many, but some are affected more than others. This podcast episode delves into how Singapore Taxi drivers approached their challenges.

The Daily Ketchup

The Daily Ketchup Podcast

Leave CNA to tackle the official headlines; The Daily Ketchup podcast catches us up with saucier everyday news in Singapore!

Useful episodes for you:

  1. Is ITE Really Worse than Poly and JC?

This Spotify podcast discusses some causes of stigma surrounding ITEs and if grades are really important.

  1. Is Singapore Exploiting Domestic Helpers?

In this episode, The Daily Ketchup discusses the rights of domestic helpers in Singapore. One of the hosts also shared an experience of his domestic helper being kidnapped!

I hope you will find these local Spotify podcasts enjoyable and informative! For more educational resources, subscribe to our Telegram and check out our Instagram and LinkedIn!