13 best online photography courses for beginners 2021

by | Sep 22, 2021

Tired of taking crappy photos? Confused with jargon like aperture or/and shutter speed?

If you’re the owner of a lonely DSLR or somebody who has a passion for photography, here’s a list of the best online photography courses.

These are beginner-friendly photography courses and you won’t even need a DSLR for some of them.

We have also included budget-friendly versions and have listed some free online photography courses for you to consider.

If you’re looking for experiential training, here’s 7 worthwhile photography courses in Singapore you can’t miss!

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Online Photography Courses

At the cost of hands-on learning, these online photography courses are cheaper alternatives that you can take up at your convenience!
Photography camera

If you find yourself with a newfound love for photography, this is the course for you.

Many tend to overcomplicate this process, some want to capture everything and anything while others miss everything completely.

This course trains your eye in photography to pinpoint a photograph worthy moment.

Find your personal point of view as an artist and identify the hidden details in your everyday life that you’re failing to capture.

Duration: 1h
Cost: SGD30

2.) Beginners Start Here by Scott Kelby

Beginner’s Start Here is a beginner-friendly online photography course. The course is part of Scott Kelby’s online educational community known as ‘KelbyOne’.

Scott is known for his photography as well as expertise with software such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

Beginner’s Start Here aims to cover all the basics a budding photographer needs to know in under 10 lessons. Be it adjusting the exposure or choosing a lens, Scott’s got you covered.

Duration: 9 Lessons
Cost: USD29

3.) Beginner Basics: Natural Light Portrait Photography by Matt Klokowski

Another KelbyOne addition, this 10 lesson course focuses on working with natural lighting while having minimal gear, something most budding photographers can relate to.

The lessons are taught by Matt Klokowski, a professional photographer that specializes in outdoor and nature photography, specifically landscape.

Lessons covered include working under the harsh sun, making use of your surroundings and more for a fee of $29.

If you’re a beginner seeking to capture the simple beauty of mother nature, this is the course for you.

Duration: 10 Lessons
Cost: USD29

4.) iPhone photography: How to Take Pro Photos on Your Phone by Skillshare

Interested in photography but don’t have the fancy gear?

No worries, for $15 a month, this course by Skillshare will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of digital photography — and the only gear you’ll need is a smartphone!

This 23 lesson course also includes tips and tricks on how to take your smartphone shots to the next level by making use of features in your phone you’ve never made use of.

If you’ve put off pursuing photography because you “don’t have a camera…”, well, what are you waiting for?

Duration: 23 Lessons
Cost: SGD10.99 a month

5.) Fundamentals of DSLR Photography by Skillshare

On the other hand, if you’re someone that has a DSLR but has no clue how to use it, this is the course for you!

While terms like shutter speed, aperture and ISO are essential for professionals, they probably end up puzzling you more than helping you.

After all, photography on a DSLR is much more complex than just a push of the button.

This course delves into the basics of these camera settings and teaches you everything a beginner needs to know about shooting with a DSLR.

Duration: 12 Lessons
Cost: SGD10.99 a month

6.) Beginner Nikon DSLR Photography by Udemy

If you own a Nikon DSLR of your own, you can consider this 7 series course brought to you by Nikon themselves.

Taught by JP Pullos, the highest-rated photography instructor in New York City, the course encourages students to take part in exercises given within the course rather than just studying the camera itself.

That, along with provided explanations of photography concepts will allow you to develop a full understanding of how your Nikon Camera works.

Duration: 2.5h
Cost: SGD40

7.) Photoshop CC Crash Course by Udemy

Photoshop on Mac

While Photoshop is a tool praised by many photographers, it is not an easy tool to master.

With Udemy’s Photoshop Crash Course, you can get all your answers in one place.

The course covers basics such as how to navigate the software’s interface, something that is a lot harder than it sounds.

It then goes on to more advanced topics such as colour correction, retouching and more commonly used tools in professional photography.

Duration: 8.5h
Cost: SGD60

8.) Next Level Photo Editing by Udemy

For those who already have some basic knowledge about the Photoshop interface and would like to go more in-depth regarding retouching and color correction, this is the course for you.

This course revolves around the basics of photo retouching and editing to give your photographs the extra ‘wow!’ factor.

You’ll learn to control aspects such as light, sharpness and more to take your Photoshop skills to the next level.

Duration: 4.5h
Cost: SGD30

9.) Analog Film Style Color Grading by Udemy

If you’ve taken an interest in digital photography, you’ve probably tried your hand at film photography as well.

Using photoshop, the online photography course provides a detailed explanation using both portrait and landscape examples for you to replicate with your own photographs.

This color correction course will teach you just how to get that aesthetic film look with the modern touch of a digital camera.

Duration: 1h
Cost: SGD45

10.) Introductory Photography Course by Udemy

If you’re looking for some free photography courses online in Singapore, this is for you!

This introductory course is taught by Chris Bray, a professional photographer who has worked with names such as National Geographic.

This course is free and covers everything a beginner photographer needs to know.

Chris also shares his personal tips and tricks for shooting and framing, and even how he goes about working with camera settings.

Duration: 2h 30m
Cost: Free

11.) Learn Lightroom by Anthony Morganti

Another budget-friendly option, this free online photography course is a Youtube Video series by Anthony Morganti.


It consists of 50 short episodes surrounding the use of Lightroom and all its features. Lightroom is a popular photo editing tool that almost all photographers use.


The episodes span genres and cover topics such as portrait photography, night photography, color correction and more.


Duration: 10-30m
Cost: Free

12.) Photography Basics and Beyond by Coursera

This online course on photography is free for all beginners and advanced photographers alike.

The course breaks down the fundamentals of photography concepts and how they are easily adaptable across different devices.

The focus will mainly be on building a foundation in photography so both DSLRs and Smartphones are welcomed!

Duration: 6 months
Cost: Free

13.) Photo Editing with The iPhone by Udemy

iPhone camera

If you don’t have access to tools such as photoshop, this course has many great alternatives for you.

This online photography course has not one, but 5 great photo editing apps you can download to retouch your photos directly from your phone.

Learn how to take your regular editing tools and make them your own with a vibrant and stylish touch.

With this course by Udemy, detailed edits are just a few clicks away, right in the palm of your hand.

Duration: 3h
Cost: Free

Thanks for reading!

There you have it, the best 13 online photography courses for beginners.

We hope this list has given you a better overview of the options available to you.

Whether you’re a beginner with some or even no knowledge at all, we encourage you to take your passion and skills to the next level with the beginner-friendly photography courses listed here.

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