10 part-time jobs for students in Singapore

part time jobs for students in Singapore

Ever since the pandemic rolled around, online shopping has become a way to stave off boredom. You might even be strapped for cash at the moment.

With exams ending and the start of the school holidays fast approaching, it’s currently the peak season for students to be searching and applying for part-time jobs.

If you’ve got free time or nothing planned for the upcoming vacation period, how about spending it making some extra cash and gaining valuable work experience?

Studyramen has compiled a list of 10 different part-time jobs that are perfect for students in Singapore based on their pay rate and popularity!

Disclaimer: Some of these jobs may be mentally and physically taxing, only take it up if you can cope!

Sales associate

Average pay: S$7-10/hour

Additional information: Some companies require you to be available on public holidays and weekends

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A sales associate is a customer service job that involves duties like cashiering and assisting in-shop. As the job scope is relatively simple, it makes this role ideal for students who’re on the hunt for part-time jobs.

Many sales associate roles require someone who’s service-oriented and energetic, so it’s good for developing your customer service skills, communication skills, and patience.


Average pay: S$7-13/hour

Additional information: Most companies require you to commit for at least 3 months

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Nowadays, baristas don’t just refer to those who work in coffee and tea shops, but also those who work at bubble tea stores.

Duties include cashiering, drink preparation, kitchen duties, and opening/closing the store. As you’ll normally be working with a team of other part-timers, baristas need to be good team players.

Besides that, you’ll also need to be familiar with your company’s/outlet’s menu to be able to handle customer queries and prepare drinks properly!

Flyer distributor

Average pay: S$30-32/1,000 flyers

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As the job title states, you’ll be distributing flyers to people. This can either occur at a single location (i.e. you stand in one spot distributing flyers to passers-by) or door-to-door.

If you’re a student in Singapore looking for a fuss-free, flexible part-time job, flyer distributors often get the most leeway as compared to other part-time jobs.

Tuition teacher

Average pay: S$20-50/hour (depends on what level you’re teaching)

Additional information: Using an agency to get your job might mean you have to pay a commission to the agency for helping you find and get that job

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Being a tuition teacher is one of the most common part-time jobs for students in Singapore as the average pay rate is quite high.

For some, it’s also a way to reinforce what they’re learning themselves, or a way to get teaching experience in preparation for a formal teaching job.

A job requirement is that you have to score well in an exam (most of the time with proof in the form of your national exam certificate) for the subject that you want to teach.

Some tuition agencies like this one have Telegram channels where there are frequent new job postings for tuition teachers.

Banquet server

Average pay: S$10-12/hour

Additional information: You need to be available to work on weekends and public holidays

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Ever noticed how young some of the banquet servers are at your relatives’ wedding? That’s because they’re probably students like yourselves, banquet serving as their part-time job!

A banquet server is similar to waitering jobs where you’ll have to serve food and drinks to guests at events, clean up tables, and do other ad hoc tasks.

Many companies do welcome candidates with no prior experience as the job is straightforward.

Warehouse packer

Average pay: S$6-12/hour

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Another popular part-time job among Singapore students is to be a warehouse packer.

Logistics companies receive hundreds of parcels a day, and they need someone to do parcel packing and housekeeping.

Other tasks of a warehouse packer include basic stocktaking and inventory checks, and simple data entry into the company’s warehouse management system.

As parcels can be heavy and bulky, being physically fit and being able to carry loads up to 20kg are necessary for the job.

Delivery driver

Average pay: S$10-14/hour or S$1.50-1.80/light parcel delivered

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An uncommon part-time job for students in Singapore because of the driving license requirement, it is still an option for those who have a Class 3 driving license (able to drive cars and small vans).

Depending on the company you’re working for, the pay rates go either by hour or per parcel delivered.

Delivery drivers are typically assigned to groups of blocks in an area to deliver parcels to, so navigation shouldn’t be much of a problem if you’re worried about getting lost.

Food delivery partner

Average pay: S$5-7.50/delivery

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Food delivery apps have seen a surge ever since the pandemic, and with more food delivery orders, there comes a demand for food delivery partners.

Being a food delivery partner is a good part-time job for students because of its low entry barrier and flexibility. You can choose to use a bicycle or be on foot for your transportation method—it’s a great way to keep fit too!

Research assistant

Average pay: S$7-9/hour

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If you’re a university student looking for a part-time job you can do on campus or are looking to go into academia one day, why not try being a research assistant for your professor?

Under your university’s work-study scheme, you can become a research assistant for a professor whose research interests you.

Tasks include, but are not limited to: reading and finding relevant literature from academic journals, writing literature reviews, and conducting interviews/surveys. Generally, the duties you’ll have are up to the professor you’re working under.

Sales promoter/Brand ambassador

Average pay: S$8-12/hour

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Are you outspoken or have a knack for giving good service to customers? You might want to try being a sales promoter!

Sales promoters need to be service-oriented so that they can give customers a pleasant shopping experience. They also need to be well-versed in the product they’re promoting!


All in all, part-time jobs are good for students because they help you develop soft skills that many employers value today; in other words, they’re great for boosting your resume.

They also grant you some financial independence, so you’ll learn how to manage your finances at an early age. Maybe you’ll even be inspired by the success stories of these students and go on to start your own business!

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