10 important ways to cope with JC stress

by | Apr 15, 2021

As a fellow JC graduate, I relate to the copious amounts of Reddit rants about how stressful JC life can be for students.

According to a study done in 2016, Singaporeans aged 18-34 years old were most affected by mental disorders.

Moreover, youths in Singapore were identified as the most vulnerable group regarding mental health issues.

My time in JC has passed, but hopefully, this article will help my fellow JC students survive and do well in JC.

1.) Caffeine

With the heavy workload, it is no surprise that many students are forced to burn the midnight oil to complete their work.

However, lectures and tutorials still continue as per normal, thus caffeine will become students’ new best friend while in JC to keep you awake and alert.

That being said, be sure to monitor your caffeine intake and not go overboard, your health is still the most important.

The recommended level of caffeine intake daily for adults is 400mg (about 4 cups of coffee).

2.) Time-management

Leather watch

Cliché as it may sound, time management is one of the most important skills to help students do well and cope with stress in JC.

Be sure to allocate your time efficiently. Make use of the one thing you always have on hand, your phone!

Download a phone app such as Remember The Milk, which functions as a personal planner that sends you reminders. The best part about the app is that it reaches across devices, which means you can use it in sync on both your phone and computer, and it is available on both android and IOS.

Personally, I used to study flashcards or make my to-do list on the commute home to save time. However, if you experience motion sickness, be sure to limit how much you read and give your eyes a rest.

3.) Find a healthy outlet

A man running

A healthy way to relieve some stress from JC is getting a hobby as an outlet. This could be in the form of sports, drawing, or even sewing.

Take some time every once in a while to engage in these activities to relax and take your mind off studying.

These outlets could even teach you important values and skills such as time management and determination, which will carry over to your academic performance.

4.) Have fun

Have fun gif

Contrary to popular belief, JC life can be enjoyable. Try to have fun and enjoy yourself instead of only studying in your 2 years in JC.

A healthy balance of work and play will make your journey much more bearable.

Allocate time to take part in school events, co-curricular activities, and spend time with your friends. Enjoy yourself, and let loose!

5.) Be daring

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This applies to both the academic and holistic aspects of JC life. During lectures and tutorials, do not be afraid to ask questions to clarify your doubts.

Approach your tutors if you need extra help. Try and clear up any misconceptions or confusion as soon as possible.

Actively participate in new activities and try stepping out of your comfort zone.

Being daring allows you to deal with your problems immediately and prevent a backlog of issues.

It also opens you up to new opportunities to form lasting memories and connections.

6.) Make friends

Friends laughing

Throughout your JC life, your friends will most likely become your pillars of support. They are the people who will be around you most often as the majority of your day is spent in school.

They will be able to relate to the same JC stress and provide you with the support you require.

It may also be easier to ask them for help with schoolwork and forming a study group could also help with motivation.

7.) Self-discipline and prioritising

A man staying discplined

JC comes with many commitments and responsibilities.

To be able to handle them all, on top of time management, you need to be able to prioritise them and commit yourself to any schedule you set previously.

You need to know what is most important to you and prioritise those responsibilities to do well in JC.

8.) Focus on the good

Focus on the good gif

Personally, I have seen my fair share of bad grades while in JC. Internal examinations are always set to a higher standard to prepare you for national examinations.

Try not to be disheartened by your results and remember that hard work will pay off. Celebrate your small successes and be proud, but not complacent.

You can accomplish this by engaging in a technique called cognitive restructuring. This technique mainly focuses on acknowledging your feelings as well as questioning your irrational mindsets to ensure you do not spiral into a vicious cycle of negativity.

9.) Be resourceful

Resourceful with 2 technologies

There are a plethora of resources for JC students.

On the internet, look for videos, forums or websites which offer free and credible information (such as StudyRamen!).

Share notes or information with friends. There are a lot of free and useful resources, just be sure to actively look out for them.

Some resources include the SGExams library, The Holy Grail, as well as the SGExams Reddit thread (especially this post)for notes, summaries and practices.

10.) You come first

self care gif

Ultimately, your health is the most important. Be sure to take care of yourself and get adequate rest!

Remember to eat well and hydrate yourself throughout the day. Taking care of both your physical and mental health should always come first.

At the end of the day, these are only tips. JC life is not going to be a walk in the park, but it can be enjoyable and memorable. Do your best and you will survive in JC.