Study Ramen is a content-based website that operates as an information hub for students.

We curate insightful student-oriented content intended to empower, inspire and inform.

Topics range from Character development to Self-care to Global issues!

Through this, we hope to enrich the lives of students.


My name is Jerriel and I’m one of the co-founders of this platform. Back in Polytechnic, I struggled with the overwhelming pressures of school and internship. Like many others, I was unorganized, unmotivated, and lost. In other words, I was unequipped with the skills to deal with the stressors in school.

This carried on till I graduated. At that point, I regretted not having made my time in school count. If I knew what I know now. I could have had a more productive, fun, and meaningful experience.

And unfortunately, most students can relate.

I can’t go back in time to change my path but the ONE THING I CAN DO is to help others avoid the same path.

This conviction led me to co-found Study Ramen.

Although resources to aid student development can be found everywhere, they are scattered. Scattered across different websites, videos, and images of companies that serve different audiences.

Study Ramen is an information hub that empowers, inspires, and informs students Singaporeans and more with curated articles intended to value-add to their schooling experience.

After reading our articles, we sincerely hope that it has helped you navigate through life in school; gave you insights on the future of work; taught you the importance of self-care. In short, we hope it has aided your development.

For now, the path ahead of you is unpaved, yet full of opportunities. We can’t wait to be able to assist you in your journey. Cheers to an exciting year ahead!

With love,
All of us here at Study Ramen


Jerriel Yam


Axel Wong